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Todd Graffagnini's Saints training camp observations for Thursday, Aug. 15

Weather was ideal as Saints got in good work vs. the Chargers

1.      *Soaking it in:* Well there's a reason this is the third straight year the New Orleans Saints have come out West to practice and play a preseason game against the Los Angeles Chargers, other than the good relationship between Sean Payton and Chargers Coach Anthony Lynn, and the Chargers themselves being a playoff caliber opponent. It's the weather. Conditions were ideal at the Jack R. Hammett Sports Complex and the two teams were able to get in extended work individually and against the other squad. With the temperature never rising above 77, hydration breaks were limited to two, where in New Orleans it could grow to as many as six or seven. Players at the podium also noted how unusual it was to not be completely drenched in perspiration after practice. A welcome day for all.

2.      *50/50: B*y all accounts Thursday, Aug. 15 appeared to be a draw after the afternoon wrapped up. Of course, the Saints will look at the film and maybe think otherwise. Quarterback Drew Brees mentioned at the podium he thought the tempo could've been better. I thought the Saints started out fast on both sides of the ball, specifically the play of the offensive line, but as the practice progressed the Chargers were able to make plays on both sides. All in all it was a productive day against a quality opponent with a lot of talent on display.

3.      *Simmie has a say:* We mention almost daily during Observations about how the wide receiver position has been one of the most intriguing battles for roster spots in camp. It seems we have seen good moments from pretty much every wideout on the roster. Thursday, it was Simmie Cobbs Jr.’s time to shine. Cobbs made two big plays against the Chargers. One a deep cross from Brees going across from left to right. Cobbs caught the ball in stride, made a move to the left and scampered untouched down the field. The next was a go route with Taysom Hill at quarterback. Hobbs beat his man streaking down the left sideline as Hill threw a perfect pass that Cobbs brought in and was pushed out at the 1-yard line. It's plays like those that will continue to keep the wide receiver battle very interesting with three preseason games still to go.

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