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Todd Graffagnini's Saints training camp observations for Monday, Aug. 5

Drew Brees sits out practice

1.       Who dat with the ballcap? Well Monday's originally scheduled indoor practice started a tad on the unusual side when the media throng was let in the first thing everyone noticed was quarterback Drew Brees sans shells and helmet, meaning he took his first "vet day" of training camp on this the 10th practice. Also a noted absence was running back Alvin Kamara who did not participate after stretching. Coach Sean Payton mentioned to the media after the practice at Tulane these "rest" days are discussed before training camp even begins. So with No. 9 taking a VERY rare day off, it was time for others to step up their game, which leads to Observation No. 2.

2.       Teddy's REALLY ready: I mentioned in Sunday night's version of the Observations quarterback Teddy Bridgewater appears as confident and is throwing the ball as accurately as he has since joining the Saints a year ago. Well Monday he took it up another notch. We were in the last stages of practice before a ball Bridgewater threw actually hit the ground. He completed every throw that was asked of him, including the play of the day, a 40-yard in-stride laser down the left sideline to tight end Jared Cook for an easy TD. The real test will be if Bridgewater can take to the preseason games what we've seen in practice.

3.       Specialty situations: We talked about the attention to detail Sean Payton has every practice, including situations which may or may not come up in the course of a game. Monday's were a little more familiar, as the offense practiced drawing the defense offside with the quarterback barking out a hard count, and the best play in football, when the quarterback takes a knee, aka Victory formation.

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