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The six best quotes from Drew Brees' record-setting 'Monday Night Football' game

Brees set NFL record for touchdown passes with four against Colts

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees celebrates setting the NFL record for touchdown passes with 540, surpassing Peyton Manning.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees:

"I'm not sure how we got here. It just, kind of, makes your whole life and career flash before your eyes. I never thought that I would have had a chance to be a part of something like this; and, just looking at the entire journey, 19 years, five years in San Diego and 14 years here, all of the incredible teammates and coaches that I have had the chance to play with and for, (and) this team right here is very special. Of course, our fan base, the Who Dat Nation, everybody in the Dome tonight, everybody watching tonight, loved ones, my family, my kids here, both of my college roommates, who are my best friends in the world, they were here with their kids. It was just an incredible night."

Saints Coach Sean Payton:

"I think it's great that his peers were here. I mean, he has a lot of peers though, right? When you play this long, we call him Benjamin Button."

Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan:

"I feel like I keep taking him for granted. How many records has he broken? He broke two today. He's unbelievable."

Saints receiver Michael Thomas:

"That's a blessing for him, but he's not done. There is so much more that he can do. He's an incredible leader. We just follow his lead and we follow everything that he has."

Saints tight end Josh Hill:

"It's his preparation. It's the way that he plays the game. He cares for his teammates. He's a very special guy."

Indianapolis Colts Coach Frank Reich:

"There is a lot of things, but to me it is his accuracy. I mean 29 for 30. He has proven it year-in and year-out for a very long time. Even when you have a guy covered, he really isn't covered. He always finds a hole. He can do that as well as anybody who has ever played the game."

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