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    <span>              <span style="text-decoration: underline;">SUPER BOWL XLIV MOST-WATCHED TV SHOW OF ALL TIME</span>                 


The 2009 NFL season concluded with another record as Super Bowl XLIV reached a total audience of 153.4 million viewers, making it the most-watched show in U.S. television history according to Nielsen Media Research. The Colts-Saints championship game topped the previous mark of 151.6 million total viewers set last year (Cardinals-Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII). Super Bowls account for the 19 most-watched programs in history in terms of total audience.

Most-Watched TV Programs, Total Viewers

  1. Super Bowl XLIV (Colts-Saints), 2/7/10 153.4 million
  2. Super Bowl XLIII (Cardinals-Steelers), 2/1/09 151.6 million
  3. Super Bowl XLII (Giants-Patriots), 2/3/08 148.3 million
  4. Super Bowl XXXVIII (Patriots-Panthers), 2/1/04 144.4 million
  5. Super Bowl XL (Steelers-Seahawks), 2/5/06 141.4 million   *Source: NFL, Nielsen Media Research
    In addition, a record average of 106.5 million viewers watched Super Bowl XLIV – topping the previous mark of 106 million for the series finale of M
    ASH in 1983 and an eight percent increase over last year's Super Bowl (98.7 million viewers).

Super Bowl XLIV earned a 45.0 household rating marking the highest-rated Super Bowl in 14 years (46.0 rating for Cowboys-Steelers in Super Bowl XXX, January 1996) and a seven percent increase over last year's 42.0.

NFL Network's Super Bowl Classics features the complete CBS broadcast of Super Bowl XLIV with Jim Nantz and Phil Simms calling the action along with all of the network's original graphics.
Tuesday February 9
- 7:00pm CT – Super Bowl Classics: SB XLIV – New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts HD [3 HRS]

Note that NFL Network will also carry live the Saints victory parade at 5 PM CT today and will have a special NFL Total Access at 6 PM CT tonight

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