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Super Bowl Media Day with Tracy Porter

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Tuesday, February 10, 2010

(on difficulties playing at Indiana University) "My first couple of years there we didn't win a lot of games. I think my freshman year we won three games and the year after that we won four. We steadily improved and my senior year we made it to the Insight Bowl. Things there have certainly increased and we've done a great job collectively of doing our best to turn that program around."

(on making the same decision again on choice of colleges) "I wouldn't change it. I had a great time at Indiana. The Big Ten is a great conference to play in. I wouldn't pass that up for the world. I loved playing there."

(on being a Colts fan while at Indiana University) "I supported them. I was up there so I supported them. I like the Colts but I bleed black and gold, I've been a Saints fan since day one. Not saying that those guys aren't doing what they need to do, they have done a great job all season, matter of fact, all year. At the end of the day I have been a Saints fan."

(on being one of seven Louisianans to play in this year's Super Bowl) "Louisiana happens to be one of the top states to have guys in the NFL. It's real big for us to have guys on both teams playing in the Super Bowl. It says a lot about Louisiana football."

(on following Reggie Wayne after he left high school) "I really wasn't into football when he was at Miami. I was a basketball and track guy but once he got to the NFL and got to the Colts, I've always watched the NFL. He is a real big time receiver who can run real good routes and can get open on some of the best defenders. He is a guy that can really make plays."

(on playing for a team he grew up loving) "It definitely makes it much more personal. If you haven't been down to New Orleans or to Louisiana, the amount of love that that state shows for the Saints is almost as if everyone down there is a Saints player. If we lose a game, you can see on the faces on the fans or the people, they are real down. If we win a game, they are just like us, they are up, they are happy. It really shows a lot of what that state gives to the Saints. They have been behind the Saints since day one and like I've been telling guys all season, the fans are just as much of a part of this victory, this Super Bowl run that we are making as we are. They have been behind us since day one. Winning this championship will be the utmost reward for the fans because it will be just like they won the Super Bowl."

(on draft day reaction) "I was in Port Allen at home with mom, my fiancée, my entire family. We were all at home watching the draft and the fortieth pick rolled around, I was sitting on the couch and the telephone rang. I looked at the screen and it was the New Orleans Saints then I looked at my phone and saw a 504 number. I didn't want to tell my mom, I wanted her to see it to pop up on the screen so I answered the phone. I tried to answer it as calmly as possible but being on draft day that was hard to do. I tried to the best of my ability. I remember the question to this day when I answered the phone. Coach Payton asked me are you ready to come play for New Orleans. Without a screaming and yelling I said yeah Coach, I am definitely ready. Even after getting that call, seeing my name on the screen, coming back home to New Orleans, words can't describe how I felt. My mom was extremely happy for me. I think she shed a few tears. It was real big."

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