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Super Bowl Media Day with Jahri Evans

    <span>New Orleans Saints G Jahri Evans  

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

(on blocking the small but fast defense of the Colts) "They have some smaller guys up front but they create a lot of power with their speed. They run a lot and get around the edges. I don't want to say you have to slow them down, but you really have to read your keys and make sure you cover those guys who are showing."

(on how difficult it is to pick up zone blitzes) "I think we have seen everything this year so it shouldn't be too difficult at all."

(on the experience this week) "The experience has been great. There is a lot going on and there is a lot of commotion at times. There has also been some down time to rest. Overall the experience has been awesome."

(on the offensive line earning Madden's Most Valuable Protectors Award) "It is a great honor. We work so hard as a line and as an offense as a whole. It feels great to win that award."

(on what has been the key for the offensive line to gel) "Communication. We communicate well. Drew (Brees) does a great job of directing the offense and making sure we know where to go. The main thing is just communication."

(on how the Colts' defensive front ranks among the teams faced this season) "They are not the biggest guys up front but they create a lot of power with their speed. They move a lot and cut down angles and play the gaps well. They are not the biggest guys up front but with all of the movement that they do they are a very tough defense."

(on the Colts defense) "We know that they are a fast defense that moves to the ball well. They cover their gap assignments well. What we have to do is just stick to our game plan and keep working the way we have all season."

(on how he ended up at Bloomsburg University) "Junior year of high school was a good year for me but I had an injury that summer. I fractured my knee and it put me out of commission for the whole next year. My coach told me that whenever colleges came through he would let me talk to them and Bloomsburg was one of them. They were recruiting a couple of our guys on the team so I took a visit up to the school. I loved the coaches, loved the atmosphere, and the rest is history."

(on which schools recruited him) "As I remember it, it was mostly schools on the east coast such as Virginia Tech, Maryland, and University of Virginia. I guess they were the letters that all of the kids get coming out of high school. I had a few shoeboxes full of those."

(on qualifying for an academic scholarship as well) "At Bloomsburg they don't have full athletic scholarships, so our coach spread the money around to get the guys in. Coming out of high school I had a good GPA and a good SAT score to where I could get an academic scholarship. With the academic scholarship and the football scholarship, I was able to handle all of my expenses."

(on the importance of focusing on academics after his injury) "When I got hurt I knew that I couldn't get to college on an athletic scholarship. I buckled down hard and put a lot of focus on my academics because I knew that would be my ticket to get to college."

(on one of the Saints' scouts (Jim Monos) attending Bloomsburg) "His dad (Jim) was the offensive coordinator for Bloomsburg and he worked his way up from being a scout at the Eagles to where he is now with the Saints."

(on making the All-Pro team) "I'm just soaking it in. I cannot wait to play this game on Sunday. I wake up every morning and say. "Wow , I'm here."

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