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(on his time with LB Jonathan Vilma at the University of Miami) "He's a great guy. He's never been in any trouble, I've never been in any trouble. I just think that opposites attract. We came in together; we hit it off with each other. We'd always do one-on-ones with each other. He got hurt early when he came in, I think his knee, and I had a successful season that year. He came back and played very well the next year. His determination of playing at this level, and even in the college level, has been unparalleled to a lot of people that I've met. A lot of people have more talent than him, but you won't outwork him. A lot of people have more talent than myself, and it's hard to outwork both of us, because the University of Miami has instilled in our brain, just work, work, work, work harder. They might beat you the first 10 times, but the next 100 times, you're going to win."

(on if it's true that he paid his way to the Super Bowl in Arizona) "Yes, that's true. I think having a broken leg just doesn't feel good, being 6-foot-5, off the ground on crutches, being 37,000 feet in the air with all the compression in the cabin. It was just a miscommunication. I didn't give them an answer if I was going to come or not, and at the last minute I (decided) it was a special thing, and I had a feeling (the Giants) were going to upset the Patriots. I even told columnists from the New York Post that the Giants were going to win. It was a painful experience getting on the plane and being at that height, but it was well worth it. Everyone made it out to be, 'Jeremy was unhappy about his team winning, Jeremy was unhappy about the success his team had without him.' That's the complete opposite. I was very excited for my teammates, very excited. It was much deserved, and a great experience for them. It was a great experience for me, just sitting, watching them and enjoying my teammates' hard work and being the underdog and controlling that game."

(on his health now) "I'm doing good. The opportunity (to play here), I'm blessed to have."

(on the representation of the University of Miami in the Super Bowl) "(Jonathan Vilma) and I talk about the University of Miami all the time, from how many players we have in the League to Pro Bowlers that we've had in the past. Jonathan is deserving. He played outstanding seasons the last three years. He deserves it as much as anybody. He's a good guy. We talk about Miami more times than anything else."

(on if he expects Plaxico Burress will be able to play when he gets out of prison) "Yeah, that's something I would like to see. Plaxico's a great guy. He made a mistake like all of us do, and it's just… I don't think the governor was a Giants fan. Plaxico's a freak of nature. He can do whatever he'd like to. It would not shock me to see as soon as he gets out, someone pick him up, and really be a force like he was and won the game for the Giants."

(on what he sees his role in the game plan being) "Even if I had the answers for you, I would never tell you."

(on what he sees in QB Drew Brees after his time with Eli Manning) "I came in to New York, Eli (Manning) was the man, the rookie, thrown in there. Kurt Warner was our quarterback, if my mind serves me correctly, we were 4-2. And then Eli comes in and we lose a couple of games. Not that it was his fault or anything like that, we just didn't play well and didn't execute. But, having a polished quarterback as Drew Brees, being in the League a long time, it's a lot easier. With Eli, we all knew he was going to be a special player, it was just hard to do as a rookie in that position, to come in and to really make a huge impact. I'm glad to see him doing really well now. It's always a pleasure seeing him play and growing up as a player and really leading his team."

(on what makes Brees a special quarterback) "He really doesn't have any downside to him. He does everything the right way on and off the field. He's an exceptional player. He's playing at a very high level, and I think he's one of the best quarterbacks in this league. His statistic

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