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Sean Payton talks about team's loss to Texans

Transcript of Coach Payton's postgame press conference

Opening statement:
"Obviously it's a frustrating game in some regards with how we played offensively. I thought this was as bad as we've been in awhile. Defensively I thought there were some things that were encouraging. We talked about the turnovers and the 3-and-out to start the game and the first punt is on the ground. That just can't happen. We'll find another returner. But that's one of the balancing acts of the preseason when you have 90 players. There's a part of you as a coach that saw some things you're encouraged about. I'll put that tape on tomorrow and learn a lot of good things."

What did you think of Saints DT Nick Fairley?
"I thought we had some pressure, but it'll be hard for me to comment until I put the tape on. We had a good rotation going. Hopefully it was more good than negative. I was encouraged by the play. We gave a up a two minute drive field goal, but overall there were some good things we did defensively."

What did you think of Saints WR Brandon Coleman?
"There's certain things you see, then all of a sudden they reveal themselves in a game. I think he can be better and I know I've seen better, so he's going to have to pick it up. I think he will. I think he'll compete. I don't like how he's catching the ball on the first play that comes out of his hands. Too many times the ball separates from him. I don't like where the balls at when he's running on the naked boot."

What do you see from some of your young players?
"I thought we had some good breaks. We got our hands on one. We're still not catching it properly. Goes through our pinkies instead of our thumbs. I thought (Damian) Swann was a little tentative. He gave up some completions, but again it'll be hard for me to comment on all of them. I'm just going by the game, watching from the sidelines."

What did you see from WR Tommylee Lewis?
"Nothing significant. He's been battling in camp, playing hard. Probably played a little too many snaps tonight, but he's been competing. He'll get every opportunity as a returner because if the alternative is putting it on the ground then we'll find someone else."

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