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Sean Payton talks about Saints win over 49ers

Saints reach .500 for first time this season

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Press Conference – November 6, 2016
San Francisco 49ers vs. New Orleans Saints

Opening comments:
"It was a good win. There were a lot of things that I'm sure when we watch the film we'll have to clean up. But I thought, you know, we kind of hung in there when they came back the second quarter, third quarter and then, you know, we're able to make enough plays in the end both defensively and offensively. We struggled a little bit in the kicking game and yet that's a result of a lot of the guys that are playing a lot more downs on defense than special teams. So, we've got to be better at finding guys that can fill in, and that's something or else that's going to get us beat in a bigger game."

Was it good to see New Orleans Saints RB Mark Ingram bounce back?
"It was fantastic. You know it was, he did a really good job. Guys up front played real well. Yeah, it was good to see him, especially early on. That was, I think, the first play of the drive. And you know, I'm sure when we watch it there are a lot of things well on that play."

How important was it to win a game decisively and you know, not come down to the last second?
"Yeah, we don't go into the game saying we need to win a game decisively. So, and for a good portion of that game it wasn't decisively, but it was good to finish a game, and I think that would be a better way to phrase it."

I saw you talk to New Orleans Saints WR Michael Thomas after his second touchdown catch. What have you thought of what he's done and that catch?
"He's doing well. Yeah, it was a good play by him. [New Orleans Saints QB] Drew [Brees] gave him a chance to make a play on the ball and you know, he just keeps impressing and he's very conscientious. Those guys, all of them, those guys all are very competitive and want opportunities and we were able to make enough of them."

How do you think New Orleans Saints CB Delvin Breaux looked? Are you guys managing him a little bit?
"Yeah, he had a series where he came out, a series and a half, which based on his snap count it was part of the plan, and same thing with [New Orleans Saints DT] Sheldon [Rankins]. I thought he played pretty well. Alright, thank you."

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