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Sean Payton talks about loss to Steelers

Coach Payton spoke with media following loss to Steelers




Opening Statement:

"Couple things. I said this to the team afterwards. The one thing that's concerning and troubling right now is, it's week three in the preseason, but our ability to protect and then our ability to rush the passer (is a concern). Those are two things that I think if you just watch the game that are concerning, obviously very concerning. We've got to keep looking at the best lineup, the best way for us to give us a chance offensively and then defensively, the same way in regards to whose doing it and what we're doing."

(On how much the quick passing game from Pittsburgh hinders the pass rush):

"It was quick. It was long. It wasn't just, you know, I think everyone gets rid of the ball at tempo. I think obviously the timing of what you're trying to do in the passing game can help your protections and obviously make it more challenging."

(On how much of an effect the departure of left tackle Terron Armstead had on the gameplan up front for the offense):

"Obviously, he's a real good player and yet we're getting beat at guard at times so I wouldn't say that it was the sole reason." (On the status of Terron Armstead and Michael Hoomanawanui): "We'll keep you posted."

(On what the cause of the team's struggles are at the moment due to the fact that there has not been a ton of personnel changes other than Jahri Evans being gone):

"I can point to specific plays. (Tim) Lelito swings and misses. (Andrus) Peat swings and misses Terron (Armstead) has one where you know he's trying to get back in the lineup, (the) ball gets deflected. In order to be somewhat efficient, you have to stay in front of them. You can do that for three or four plays in a row, but if all of sudden on third down, you get set behind the chains, we had a couple of penalties to set us back so obviously, that is still a work in progress."

(On Kasim Edebali and his lack of statistical production after having two sacks in the (New England) Patriots game):

"He's played pretty well. I'll have to look at tonight's tape and really look at his snaps or reps. I won't be able to comment on his play tonight until looking at that."

(On the issues of the pass rush overall):

"Just the consistency of whether it's coming from the inside or whether it's coming outside, we've got to look at the rotation and we've got to look at who's doing it." (On Willie Snead's touchdown catch): "It was a good play. A good second effort. Obviously, the ball came loose and he was able to still track it."

(On any improvement in the run game this week):

"There are flashes of some plays. At times there were and yet not as consistent as I would like it to be."

(On the thought of playing (Andrus) Peat on the right side when he was a left tackle in college and if there was ever any discussion about moving him to the left side):

"No. When we drafted him the plan was to be on the right side at either right tackle or right guard.

(On first impressions of the way the young secondary guys played):

"We will see (and) take a peek on film. We got caught in a little rub-route for a big play in man coverage and I think we can play that better. With just the young players, they did a pretty good job on red zone, kind of a bunch combination route, but I think being able to look at the tape, we'll be able to more clearly see who stood out and maybe who didn't play as well."

(On the idea of Dennis Allen that the defense dictates what the offense is doing and the importance of getting pressure from the front four to set everything else up):

"I think there are times where, if you're struggling to do that, it might have to be more than four, but certainly it becomes more challenging to call defenses if you're not able to rush the passer effectively and then it becomes more difficult so we've got to keep working at that."

(On developing a winning culture in the preseason and if things are spiraling out of control):

"I do not see it spiraling. The key is this is a good group, they're working hard. They key is we just recognize the things (that prevent a football team from winning). It is not just from week to week, it's practice to practice and we've still got more time here, but we've got to have a sense of urgency about some of these things that have shown up maybe just more than one game."

(On Garrett Grayson and his progress in this preseason):

"He struggled tonight. I was disappointed with a couple of those plays. The interception to the running back is poor and obviously he gets blinded on the linebacker throw and forces it so that was troubling. He had a good play early on with a touchdown pass, but I would like to see him further along, at this point, than he is."

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