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Sean Payton talks about loss to Ravens

Coach Payton met with media following loss to Ravens


Opening Statement:

"Obviously, we played a lot of different combinations of players tonight and we'll have a chance to get back in the office in the morning, spend a lot of time on this tape and with these guys, and then, in the course of the next two days, begin to go through the process of trimming the roster down."

On if he liked what he saw from the first team:

* *"Defensively, we got a stop in the first series. We wanted to play those guys, I just felt like it was important offensively. We'll take a peek at the tape. I want to see a couple routes where we got flushed in protection and ended up going down the field and coming away with a field goal. You want to score every time you have the ball, but our plan was to play the healthy starters. There was a handful of guys who sat."

On how tough the next 48 hours are to cut down the roster:

"It's always difficult. It's something that you never get used to it and you recognize the amount of work that goes into, for guys especially down to this final cut down. I'm sure there are a handful of guys really hoping for a practice squad opportunity, and, of course, a number of those guys will have that, but it's never easy."

On Andrus Peat and some others getting extended playing time:

"We did that with more than just those two, we did it with some guys we felt needed to take some more reps so we will take a look at the film and see how they did."

On what he saw from Willie Snead on returns

"He had some juice. I was impressed with the run late in the game. I thought he improved some in training camp as a runner. Obviously, that is a position that is going to be a challenge just because of some of the depth we have there. We have to do a good job at taking a peek at the whole body of work of these guys and try to arrive at the right decision."

On main concern at the close of preseason:

"We've been a little bit of a work in progress up front on the offensive line and hopefully that can be cleaned up quickly. I don't want to sit here specifically right now a week before the Raiders and go through everything, there will be handful though. I think that, we just talked about it in there, obviously getting guys healthy, the attention to detail, and really the next eight, nine days leading up to that game (Oakland) it all begins. My experience is that you can't just turn the switch, there are a handful of things that we are going to have to be better at and I think collectively we will see and address those."

On Garrett Grayson:

"I thought he was alright. He took a couple of sacks, missed a run decision, then he settled down and began to move the team a little bit. In fairness, when there is a free runner it becomes a little more difficult and that is why it's always more challenging evaluation that position depending on where it is in the game and who is in with him."

On Ken Crawley's penalty early in the game:

"You don't want to be blocking behind a runner like that."

On the value of having veterans like Max Unger on the O-line:

"That experience, guys like he and Zach (Strief) and some of the guys, I think quite a bit (of value)."

On how you advise the team about turning the page and moving on:

* *"I've said this before, this young group is going to be a pretty good class. The veteran players, everyone understands the importance of each of these games. You talk about 1/16th, playing well early on is critical, and teams understand that. It's the preparation,the recovery, everything that lends itself to being successful as a team. I think we have a lot of work to do. I like the guys approach. We have enough leadership where I think a lot of that will sort itself out, but there are a number of things that we have to work on and you can't start quick enough. It's Thursday and you are anxious already because you know you are on to a full game plan now, you are on to everything these guys and all of us have worked for. It's the regular season."

On not getting a preseason victory important issue with a young team:

"You are never going to get used to, it's an awful feeling anytime you lose. That being said, there is a ton of winning experience in the locker room, but honestly we try to approach each drill, each period, and a lot of different things in a competitive manner. It's a little bit more challenging when you get to this place is the preseason, but we played starters to start the game tonight on both sides of the ball and it's been awhile since we have done that."

On thought process of starting all the healthy starters:

* *"Creating an edge a little bit, creating an edge. The preseason has evolved a little bit and there are parts of it as a coach that you don't like so it's important whoever is in there, there is a lot of things that matter in that game and I think it's important for the other players to have focus as they are watching the game. That's why we don't do in-game interviews or shoulder pads off or helmets on backwards. That stuff drives me nuts and I think there is a lot at stake for a lot of players."

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