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Sean Payton on loss to Lions

Sean Payton talks about loss to Lions




Opening Statement:

Obviously, it was a disappointing game. I just finished telling the guys it was too many things (that caused us to lose); penalties, I thought we started sloppily, (disappointing) third down numbers offensively and we had trouble staying on the field. Then, you are not going to have the time of possession (with the way the game went and) all (of) the little things we talk about. I have to do a better job. Obviously, we looked sluggish, like we came off a short week or something. Credit those guys, Detroit did a real good job of taking advantage of (our) turnovers. We lose that battle, 2-0. Kicking game, we lose that battle.

On what Detroit did to make it so hard to move the ball:

They do a good job with their defense, they played a nickel look, a big nickel look. We missed some throws. Third and one, we were awful. No gain. When you don't get those third downs you are supposed to then all the sudden there is a possession that goes away and then you say well we didn't rush it 30 times. We want to rush it, we want to have balance and you are going to look at the snap total after that film and you don't have the opportunities if you can't convert some of the third downs, especially early on.

On the breakdown in coverage on the Lion's big fourth quarter touchdown reception by Golden Tate:

We'll see it on tape. It is a zone pressure and the safety has to get high on top of it. He got stuck inside. It was a mistake by him (safety).

On the energy level from week to week:

* *Obviously, we've been up and down.  I just finished telling you, up and down. Last week, we came out and played well and this week, I just finished saying it, was poor. It was a poor start.

On the slow offensive starts the past few games:

Carolina's a good defense; this Detroit team's a good (team on) defense. I think early on it gets back to that third-and-one (play on the opening drive). If you want to point specifically, it gets back to a turnover, a missed opportunity, considering some games where you have a number of scores early. It starts with me. We've got to be better. I just felt like today, one thing we preached all week was that we couldn't play the same game we played a year ago, and I just felt like ended up just playing that same game where we are one-dimensional late in the game. Last year, we were 21 down I think early in the second quarter if I am not mistaken. That is the thing that is disappointing.

On reacting (on Twitter) to a Brandin Cooks' trade report:

* *It's garbage. It's a false report, it's an agent picking up the phone. There is nothing more to the report.

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