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Sean Payton on loss to Chiefs

Quotes from Sean Payton's postgame press conference

Kansas City Chiefs vs. New Orleans Saints
Sunday, October 23, 2016
Postgame Quotes
Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

"A couple things, I think just watching, you guys of course saw it all, you know you play a good team on the road, the penalties and the turnovers they can really do you in and keep you from winning a game like that. An interception returned for a touchdown on third and long, fumble in the red zone, we're not a good enough team to overcome some of those types of mistakes and situationally we've got to be better. We've got to be better as coaches starting with me, but it's disappointing. I credit Kansas City, Andy [Reid] and his staff did a good job. It was kind of low scoring in the second half, we managed to get a few points on the board and kind of draw it a little closer and yet we didn't do enough smart things in the end to give ourselves a chance."

How much do you think the noise came into effect?

"Listen I believe certainly there's a part of that and yet it's relative that we've played at a lot of loud venues. I don't think the noise is responsible for holding. I don't think the noise is responsible for personal foul, unsportsmanlike conduct, false start maybe, that's what I think."

The last couple of weeks I think it's been double digit penalties, something you're obviously concerned about.

"What was the number last week?"

It was 10.

"Listen it starts with us and we'll get it corrected, but you know it's sloppy."

Is that one by [Nick] Fairley again, is that more discouraging?

* *"We don't get to see it like you. Obviously it's discouraging because it's not smart football."

Again y'all were able to get off to a fast start, another long drive first possession, why has it been so much easier to start the game and the half than throughout the game?"

* *"Listen you put together openers then you get ready for your next series. You constantly want to move the football and have success. I think statistically when the season is over you'll find it's fairly back and forth. Why is it easier to score in the second half on a drive? It just goes back and forth. If you turn it over then you're not going to score like you did on the first drive where you didn't."

How much did you ponder kicking off and not doing the onside kick?

"One timeout. I thought there was too much in favor of getting the right bounce. I didn't like the way the kick ended up. I think it was a little bit easier decision, one time out."

They got a field goal after the short kick by [Wil] Lutz, was that intentional or a miss-hit?

"No, that was a miss-hit. That was not intentional."

[Drew] Brees has been stellar at home and then on the road a little different, is there anything you chalk that up to?

"No, I think there's always different challenges on the road and unfortunately we haven't been stellar. I think there's just that. It sounds like it fits but we've played some good games on the road and we've struggled at home sometimes. I think a lot of it is who you're playing and how you're taking care of the football and how you're running the ball. I was pleased that we were able to run the ball better in the second half. I thought it was going to be important for us to have a chance to get back into this game, to keep it from being one dimensional and we were able to do that."

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