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Sean Payton on loss to Broncos

Sean Payton talks about loss to Broncos

"Obviously, it's a tough loss, a tough way to lose at the end like that. I thought there were a number of things that were encouraging defensively where we did a really good job, considering some of the short field positions (they were handed). The turnovers in a game like that are significant, especially when you end up with four like we had. We were fortunate to be in the game in the end."

On if he thinks Will Parks stepped out of bounds on the blocked PAT return:
"It's hard to tell. I think those guys (officials) are doing their best to look at it. He has white shoes on and sidelines are white so there is not a really good picture, at least I did not see one."

On if there was anything illegal about Justin Simmons' blocked PAT:
"No, you're allowed to jump. It's a strategy that most teams have. At a certain point, in order to make it illegal, the center has to rise up a little bit and catch some contact with the player that is jumping. We should have been able to see it. It is one of those situations where you either change up your snap count, but the timing by him (Simmons) was good and we weren't able to recognize the look. We should have."

On Michael Thomas' fourth quarter fumbles:
"Ball security is poor, especially the first one."

On what you say to a rookie like Michael Thomas so that the fumbles don't become an issue or even a mental issue:
"It won't become a mental thing. Some lessons in our league are learned the hard way. You hope that ball security is not one of them, but that doesn't just happen to rookies either so we have to get that corrected or it will continue to repeat itself."

On what you tell your team in a loss like this:
"It's disappointing but we've had tough losses and the sky is not falling today. I think the key is we have a quick turnaround, a quick week, so it is important that it does not affect the next game."

On if he thinks the result of the game would be different if the defense could get off the field on more third and long situations:
"You mean stay on the field offensively, I thought the defense played well. I think we, offensively, early in the game struggled on third down. They made some plays, but it seemed like a lot of the game was spent on our side of the 50 and that is a result of the turnovers."

On making adjustments at halftime:
"One of the challenges is they do a good job playing their man-to-man scheme and you really have to get into some tight looks, formationally, to create some leverage. When we were able to do that, we had some success. If you spread out it is a little bit more challenging."

On Cam Jordan's impact:
"It appeared to be, based on watching the game, that he was doing well. But we will have a chance to see it quickly and then move on."

On if he is encouraged by the pass rush today:
"I thought it was important. We were able to disrupt the quarterback some. In a lot of areas, when we watch the tape (we'll see) we did enough good things to give us a chance to win and yet, enough things that kept us from winning."

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