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Sean Payton Discusses the Broncos

    <span>              <span style="">Q: Are you interested in how this team bounces back? It seems like this team has always picked their game up with a "big game."</span>                 

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton: "This is a big game for us, going against a really good 2-0 team on the road. We're going to have to play well. So far we've had a really good week of practice, but it's a great opportunity for us. We're looking forward to getting on the road again and playing better."

Q: Is this a perfect example of being able to bounce back from early adversity?

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton: "In this league it's always either a carnival or a crisis and there's no in between. We have a lot of games this season. This is an important one. All we can play is this one. We can't play any other ones. This is where our focus is and it's going to have to be sharp. We're going to have to play well. We're going to have to tackle better. We're going to have to do a better job offensively on third downs."

Q: When you use that expression, is it the outside perception?

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton: "No, I think it is what it is. The good news is you play each week and have a chance to get to your next game. Just from my experience, that's what sells."

Q: Jay Cutler had his health issues taken care of and that's helped. What else do you see that has contributed to his success?

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton: "He's making quick decisions. His ball location's outstanding. When you're able to process the information and they do a lot of things and he's processing the information quickly, the coverages quickly and he's locating the ball to the right player. That's one of the things you're seeing on tape in these early games."

Q: Is Tracy Porter learning that you're only as good as your last play?

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton: "I think that's the nature of the position a little bit and I think that he's competed. He'll learn. For him, you have to put that behind you and move onto the next play and be ready and be as aggressive as he has been and understand situationally what teams are trying to do. I think he'll handle that."

Q: Did he clearly stand out as one of the top two corners heading into week one, or is he somebody who you were prepared to take your lumps with an account it to a learning experience?

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton: "The challenge we had was that the early evaluation was a little bit slowed because of his hamstring injury in training camp. As he came off of that, he showed improvement each week. We felt like we had something. With Mike (McKenzie) not starting the season, we thought that was the best lineup for us. He's been able to do a good job since he recovered from that hamstring at the beginning of training camp. He's been solid and has picked things up quickly."

Q: Did you envision him as a starter in April?

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton: "I don't know. It's hard to envision any of those guys in April as starters, only because they're coming in new and getting acclimated. Sometimes you get a rookie though, maybe a Sedrick Ellis and there's a good chance he's going to be starting, lining up and playing a lot of reps. We were hopeful that was the case, but you really have to see it first before you insert a player in that position and in his case we began to see it."

Q: What is it that you've seen in Porter?

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton: "He has good change of direction. He can move. He has good ball skills. We saw that in his college film. He's a punt returner. He runs well. Those are some of the things that I think are good characteristics for the position. He's been able to pick up things well."

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