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Scott Fujita Talks About Playing in Super Bowl XLIV

    <span>              <span style="">LB SCOTT FUJITA</span>                 
            <span style="">(on the last time the Saints played the Colts in 2007) </span> "It didn't go real well.  They came out and we played them well in the first half, but in the second half they opened it up on us and ran away with the game.  It's an extremely challenging offense to prepare for and they always close things out really well.  It's tough.  We've got to work it out for us, but I feel good about what we're doing on defense."  

(on why the Saints are better equipped to handle the Colts now) "We have more depth, way more experience and a lot more maturity than we did years ago, especially on the back end. You talk about (S) Darren Sharper, (CB) Tracy Porter. All those guys are playing at a really high level. I like our matchups a lot against the Colts."

(on if he was concerned about their matchups going into the 2007 game against the Colts) "I think you're always concerned anytime you face this offense because they are so dangerous at so many positions. They are so good at what they do. I've been telling people all week, this offense is like a machine. They've been doing the same thing for a very long time. There's always concerns about it, but this year I have more confidence than I ever had in the past. I've faced them a lot of times. They knocked me out of the playoffs in '03 when I was with the Chiefs in Kansas City. That loss stung me a lot. They really got after us. We didn't force one punt that game. The athleticism, the talent and maturity on this team creates much better matchups for us."

(on getting pressure on QB Peyton Manning) "He's tough because he's so intelligent. He recognizes coverages and where blitzes are coming from so early that it's tough to get to him. You really have to pick your spots. If you're going to send the house, you better be smart about it. He's one of those guys that can single handedly beat the pressure sometimes."

(on if he feels the defenses are being disrespected) "Perhaps a little bit. I know we've been disrespected in the past and Indy's defense has been disrespected in the past as well. Don't get it twisted. This defense in New Orleans is a huge part of why we're here today. Creating all the turnovers we did and giving Drew Brees and the offense that many more opportunities to score. There's a direct correlation between that and our success this year. No doubt about it."

(on Sean Payton's leadership) "He's been everything. Coming in here four years ago, taking a job that I bet a lot of coaches wouldn't have wanted to take at the time and making a huge investment in bringing in the right kind of guys who understood the bond and the connection between the city and the team and how this whole thing could really be about a lot more than just football. The partnership is so unique. I think he recognizes that. Guys like (QB) Drew (Brees) and I both recognized it when we came in. We have a great locker room. There are no knuckleheads. There are no cancers. There are no problem guys you have to worry about. It's a bunch of great guys who have come from all over the place. Together, they form a really great team with great chemistry."

(on if Sean Payton is a player's coach) "I would say so. Sean does a really good job of sensing the needs and the demands of the team. We don't need to go to him and say. 'We need this' or 'We need that.' He senses it. If he thinks we need to back on the reps in practice one day, he does so. If we have to take the pads off one day, he does so. He's also a really good motivator. Seeing his growth as a head coach the past four years has been great. This year, without question, has been his best."

(on last week's practices) "Last week's practices were pretty intense, but that was coming off a really physical game against Minnesota. We had some guys who needed some rest and weren't able to practice. It was still kind of a training camp mentality. We're getting back to the basics. Some of the things that need to be cleaned up, you work on. To be honest, yesterday felt like training camp practices as well, being down here outside in the heat on grass getting ready for the biggest game of your life. We were getting after it. "

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