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Saints Transcripts: Terron Armstead, Zack Baun, and Malcolm Roach look ahead to Week 2 | 9/17/21

Saints players discuss the upcoming Week 2 matchup versus the Carolina Panthers

New Orleans Saints Offensive Tackle Terron Armstead

Virtual Media Availability

Friday, September 17, 2021

Can you say what it's been like dealing with the coaches being out due to COVID protocols and having to adjust what you're doing on offense?
"It's been an adjustment being with a limited number of coaches and coaches dealing with multiple positions and having more on their plate than usual. From a player standpoint it's been minimal change. The coaches have done a great job of taking on the extra tasks and homework that they've been asked to do. It's been more of a staff adjustment than the players."

Historically Carolina has had some good pass rushers. What are you guys going to have to do to combat that?
"They're a talented group. Their guys fly around, and they play really well together. They have a lot of young guys with a lot of energy. We have to play fast and lock in our assignment, but also understand our assignment and protect Jameis to the best of our ability."

With not having Erik McCoy this week (calf injury), what have you seen from Calvin Throckmorton and what are your impressions of how Cesar Ruiz is playing at center?
"Throck had a great camp. He's coming on strong in his second year. You've seen that jump from year 1 to year 2 that you love to see from a young player. He's an extremely smart guy, extremely technical, strong. He's probably the heaviest body on the offensive line. I'm super excited about how Throck's been playing and I'm confident in everything he's done. Cesar's been great. The transition for him from guard to center has been seamless. That's kind of his natural position. That's where he got drafted in the first round, so of course he's a talented center. You can't replace Erik McCoy, who I feel is the best center in the league. But I think Cesar's doing a great job and will continue to do so."

When you guys are adding more of a deep passing threat with Jameis Winston playing quarterback, does that change your mindset when pass protecting on those plays with deep routes?
"Any pass protection, it doesn't matter what the route combination is. A lot of times we don't even know what the route combinations are. We're just blocking until our guy starts chasing the ball down field. That's always been the mindset for us, just finishing each block. It just takes time finding out where Jameis will be. His spot is different than Drew's (Brees) and Teddy's (Bridgewater) and all of that good stuff. The more reps we get, the more time we get on task to be more familiar we are with where Jameis likes to get set up and where he's the most comfortable. Our job is to allow him to get set up and create that comfort for him."

How often do you reflect on your beginnings in the NFL, given that you made your first start on the road against Carolina?
"Man, I honestly haven't thought about it until right now. My first start was in Carolina. Honestly, I just approach it one game at a time and one day at a time. Each day, I try to lock in and perfect my technique and lead my guys so I can help wherever I can. We're excited. We have a great gameplan going in and hopefully we'll get to 2-0."

What's it been like having Coach Payton more hands on this week with multiple offensive coaches being out (COVID protocols)?
"I think it's been great for Sean. He's been getting back into his early days. He's running around and getting to coach up every single position. I think he's having a great time embracing the challenge of missing some great minds in our coaching staff. He's embracing that challenge and leaning on some of the older guys and veterans to help where he sees fit. His energy has been up. That's Sean though, he never uses a situation like this as an excuse. That type of approach always rubs off on the team."

When you were a rookie, you got to spend some time with Parys Haralson. With his unfortunate passing, can you talk about what he brought to the team?
"Parys was outstanding. He was one of the best human beings I've ever been around. I can genuinely say that. He came in early after training camp during my rookie year, and I feel like he's one of the ones that put a stamp on me and told me that I belong in this league. He told me I could be really good in this league and that was only after a week of practicing against each other. We were excited to have him come in and we raved about the move when we signed him. He came from a great San Francisco 49ers defense. It's extremely unfortunate. My deepest condolences to him and his family. It's just terrible news."

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Zack Baun

Virtual Media Availability

Friday, September 17, 2021

What's this week been like having only four linebackers practicing?
"It's been a wild week, definitely and very unfortunate for the linebacker group. We're a very strong group. We had depth to start the season and the good thing is we don't fall off and have the depth needed to sustain this many injuries. That's been really good for our defense (to have that depth)."

You had the most snaps in your career last week in an NFL game. How did you feel last week went for you?
"I thought it was good. It was fun and exciting for me to get out there and get in a rhythm to show my athleticism and just play ball. I haven't got to play that many snaps since college and it felt really good to be out there. It gave me a lot of confidence moving forward."

Did you talk a lot of smack to your friends back home in Wisconsin after the win?
"I was trying to. I didn't want to make them feel too bad."

How do you approach this situation with you guys being so thin at linebacker this week? Does this fire you up or how do you approach this week?
"We just approach this like we would any other week. Whether it's me, Andrew Dowell, Kaden Elliss, we're always preparing, and we have been since the start of camp like we are the starters and we're going to be taking all of the snaps. Our approach isn't necessarily different. If anything, I'd say we're more locked in and more in tune with everything going on and knowing we have to be able to plug and play at all of the spots. Whether it's at Sam, Will, or Mike (linebacker), we have to make sure we're on our P's and Q's.

New Orleans Saints Defensive Tackle Malcolm Roach

Virtual Media Availability

Friday, September 17, 2021

What did you guys think of how the interior defensive line guys played last week against Green Bay, and what do you think you can improve on as the season progresses?
"We feel like we played good. We did a great job early of stopping the run and making them one-dimensional. We were able to dictate what they did, and we were physical up front. The fundamentals can always improve and as we keep playing games, we can keep building on the confidence that we have right now."

What sort of challenges does a guy like Christian McCaffrey present in the running game?
"He's a great back with great vision and he's able to make a lot of cuts out of the backfield and he'll work off defenders' body position. If somebody is able to do that, it's almost like he has the ability to run on you because when you're in your gap, he has the ability to make a cut off of you. We have to do a great job of being disciplined throughout the whole game and we have to get him before he gets going. We need to stay in our gaps and things like that. We just need to play hard."

We always talk about how important chemistry is on the defensive line. How do you feel the chemistry was in game one and how much can it keep improving moving forward?
"I think it worked out really good. We've been playing together since training camp. We went out there and played hard and had a goal in mind to stop the run. We did a good job of making them one-dimensional. I feel like after weeks go on, that chemistry will build. Especially being here in Dallas, it's almost been like a college feeling because we're in the hotel. It's almost like we're back in the dorms since we're around each other all day, all the time and we're practicing every day. As the weeks go on, I feel like our chemistry will get better and better."

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