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Saints transcripts: Sean Payton Conference Call with Local Media | Monday, Dec. 6

Payton on team injuries and looking ahead to Week 14 

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Conference Call with Local Media
Monday, December 6, 2021

After getting a chance to go back and look at the game, what was kind of your main takeaway with Taysom Hill's performance and the offense as a whole?
"There were some things on there, I felt this way after the game that I was encouraged with. I was encouraged with how guys were fighting, competing, Taysom no different. And yet, there's a number of things that we didn't do well collectively as an offense so I'm sure there's some throws there he wants back, but overall, we will get back to work here beginning Wednesday and work on our preparation for New York."

I know it was not a bye week and you guys did not receive the amount of time that you usually get to self-scout but were you able to do much of that over the longer weekend? And if so, what were some of the things that you saw?
"Yeah, not much any self-scout. We're kind of doing that on a weekly basis. You total it up on the bye week but for us it was a chance to get guys out of out of the building, coaches out of the building, come back in and then get ready to go to work."

David Onyemata got a couple snaps at defensive end in the last game. Is that spot where you guys like him? Or was that more out of necessity?
"Yeah, part of it's out of necessity. Naturally, he's an inside three technique, but he does have some flexibility."

With Deonte Harty being suspended today, is that something you guys have been bracing for?
"Yeah, I said it to you guys earlier, you're waiting. Now we'll go through that process. We kind of knew at some point that was going to be something he was dealing with. And then we as a team would deal with."

With Cameron Jordan going on the COVID-19 list, just curious kind of what you guys thought about Carl Granderson? The last few weeks he's played in a more expanded role.
"Yeah, he's receiving a lot of reps. We like the player and look at him as a young player who's ascending. He's stronger, there's some things technique-wise was that he's working through but he's a good young prospect for us."

With Taysom HIll's finger, is the biggest issue just the strength of the grip on the ball playing quarterback?
"Yeah, I listen, I know this. Obviously, you prefer not to have any injury at all. And I think that there's a comfort level that they have that it's not going to get hurt any worse. It's the middle finger and it's the top ligament. To the extent, I think we'll know a little bit more this week as he goes through the week of practice. But I think your question is a great one, is it grip related or is it when the ball releases off your fingertips? You guys have all seen a football come off the hand, the last finger that leaves it is the index finger, the second to last finger that leaves it is the middle finger. And so hopefully he can get some good work in this week and get a comfort level as to what he can or if there are any limitations."

Did Hill's injury play a part in that play a major role in the way he played?
"Yeah, look, fair question, you'd have to ask him that. I thought there were a couple trajectory issues, you know, the one he's throwing kind of into the boundary on a deep route that kind of got underneath him a little bit. I can't say if it played a major role, but I think he would be able to elaborate as to what specific role (it played). I thought he did a lot of things well, there's some things, like I said at the onset that we can clean up and help him with, but it'd be hard for me to answer that specifically."

How comfortable were you with Taysom's foot given all the designed run plays?
"I think we were far enough down the road where he felt better all week long. It's one of those things by the time you get to a game then and you're ready to go. I don't know that anyone's 100% But it was further along, obviously than then prior weeks, where we definitely felt it was going to be something that limited him."

When was Cameron Jordan's first positive COVID-19 test?
"I don't have that yet. I'll know tomorrow morning. I could call and get it right now, but I'll receive an update in the morning. I don't (know exactly), I have a feeling it was today, but I don't want to say that with certainty. I felt the same way at first, I thought well maybe there's already been a negative (test) since I've been gone, but I think the positive came this morning."

Is there any benefit to getting away from football in the midst of a five game losing streak?
"Yeah, look, I think so. I mean, we had a tough stretch, it's behind us. No one's going to be upset or feel sorry for you. We have to build able to pick ourselves up here and get ready to play some good football in this last five week stretch of the season and that's going to take everyone in the building."

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