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5 great quotes from Monday's Saints training camp practice, Aug. 31, 2020

The best quotes from New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton and players after Monday's training camp practice

Photos from New Orleans Saints training camp practice on Monday, August 31, 2020.

Five of the best quotes from the media session following Monday's New Orleans Saints training camp practice

Coach Sean Payton on the importance of competitive practices with no preseason games being played:

"I think the challenge for every team this year is you're not receiving some of the exposure you might have received in the preseason with some of these young players in the kicking game. So we have to do a good job of creating that in our practices, but I do think that's kind of been a point of emphasis for us all along. Fred McAfee, Steve Gleason, those guys were guys that greatly contributed to the kicking game. I think it's important and I think these guys understand they can make the roster (this way), (and) it's the quickest way to get onto the roster."

Offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael on how competitive training camp has been:

"I feel like we got a great group of guys. Really, the whole training camp has been competitive, guys are competing. And guys want to win the drill. And that's the kind of guys you love working with. That's the kind of guys you love having on your team and, and those are the guys who are the winners."

Tight end Josh Hill on having various roles:

"I think I'm a guy that can just do a lot of different things, move me around in different situations in the offense and a guy that contribute at a high level on special teams as well. You know, kind of how I made my way in, but I pride myself on just being able to do anything, whether that's be in the backfield or on the line of scrimmage. I feel like I'm well-rounded enough to do those things."

Defensive linemen Malcom Brown on the depth of the defensive line:

"We have got talent on every level, one guy goes out, another guy comes in, the talent (does not) drop off. Everybody is just in their playbooks right now trying to get better. Not about ones and twos and threes and this and that and numbers and stuff. We are just all trying to get the playbook down. Work hard, go out there, compete every day, get better every day, trying to try to get to that one goal that everybody has in mind."

Wide receiver Emmanuel Butler on what his goals were this past offseason and what was his main focus heading into training camp this year:

"Really I just wanted to become the best football player that I can become. Keep progressing, getting better, really learn the playbook and the entirety of it from the X spot to the Z spot to everywhere knowing how to line up everywhere on the field. That was really my main goal coming into the offseason is just keep preparing, and continue to grow as a player and mature as a person."

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