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Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater talks about win over Buccaneers

Bridgewater: 'It was great and a real team effort'

Opening statement from New Orleans Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater:

"Big win for us. Talk about a win in the division, talk about our week of preparation leading up to today. It was a great week. Coach talked about playing with energy, playing this game off of emotion and having tempo. I think we did a good job of doing that today and we were able to come off with a victory. Going to live this moment and try to get better."

On having a big game:

"Should have been five touchdowns. Kidding but it was great and a real team effort. I feel like I have the easy job. All I have to do is throw the ball to Mike (Michael) Thomas, Jared Cook, Ted Ginn, Austin Carr, Alvin Kamara, Josh Hill, and Taysom Hill. Finding ways to get guys involved and make plays for us. Today was a day when everything was clicking and we can come in this game finding opportunities to score points and get down in the red zone to do some good things."

On wins mattering more than statistics and showing what he can do:

"The stats mean nothing to me. That is the individual goal and I play this game (because) it's a team sport. The best feeling about today was running off the field into this tunnel and seeing the fan's faces, walking into this locker room and seeing the smile on everyone's faces. That is the number one thing on my mind when I wake up on gameday. What can I do to help this team win a football game? It was a team effort today, but it is not about the numbers."

On hearing the fans chant his name:

"That's pretty cool, but the best feeling is running into the locker room (after the win)."

On if his mom is allowed to check social media this week:


On defense playing man coverage:

"I play this game the way I play it. I understand that going into each week we're going to see different coverages and each defense is built different, designed different, different things. I knew coming into this game we would have an opportunity to be more aggressive and Coach Payton, Pete (Carmichael), and all of those guys to prepare us all weekend. For us, to get the game plan and we see this play and we're going to hit the shot right here. We go into the game with an aggressive mindset."

On playing with Michael Thomas:

"Mike and I were just talking in the locker room and I just told him that when games come around I can just see it in his eyes. You don't have to say a word to me, I know. It's that nonverbal communication that I can thrive off of and he thrives off of. When you're calling plays and look at a guy in his eyes just lights up. You know he's looked in and it's comforting."

On building a relationship with Michael Thomas:

"Mike is the ultimate competitor. He wants to be great and continue being respected. He plays this game with a chip on his shoulder. We all understand his background and things like that. The last couple of weeks he's just been the guy that's shown up for us, as he's done his past couple of years here, his first couple of years here. For me, it's just one of those deals where you continue to trust the guys and continue to believe in the system and the guys. It's been working for us these past couple of weeks."

On if the look in Michael Thomas different on different plays:

"No, it's the same look. He's locked in and wants the ball every play. It's one of those deals where you have a play call designed for Mike and either Mike is going to catch it or he's going to make sure no one catches it. As a quarterback you approach the line of scrimmage with that mindset, I'm going to give my guy a shot. You throw it up and he makes a play for us and we're all smiling."

On testing limits on third-and-10 on the sideline:

"His catch radius is off the charts. He made a great play on third down for us on the diving catch. That's what we expect from him. He's a great wide receiver and one of the best wide receivers we have in this league. I'm glad he's on our team."

On being 4-1:

"It's a great feeling to win football games. This locker room is special and this is a group of guys that show up to work every day and they demand greatness from everyone. From the training room staff to the equipment room staff with Bum (John Baugertner), the standard is held high. Just being able to be a part of something where there is such a high standard you continue to want more and more. To be sitting where we are right now just speaks highly to this coaching staff and everyone who has played a role these last few weeks."

On walking to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on gameday:

"No, I actually bought a Beach Cruiser so I ride my Beach Cruiser home after the games. Once I'm done here I'm going to ride home today."

On the ride home after a game:

"It will be a nice little chill ride. Probably listen to some music."

On Alvin Kamara's throw:

"It was one of those plays that we knew we were going to call it in a short yardage situation. This week in practice he hit it and we were excited about it. I'm pretty sure he was pissed, he wanted the touchdown. To be able to convert right there was a big play us and continued to give us momentum moving forward."

On getting Jared Cook going:

"I was very excited. Probably apologized to him about seven times, not for the missed touchdown, but on the out route that he got hit on. It was great just to see him flying around out there. He's one of those guys who is very explosive and we like our match-ups when we get him out wide. We like to exploit our match-ups."

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