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Saints quarterback Drew Brees talks about loss to Minnesota Vikings in Wild Card game

Transcript of Brees' postgame press conference

(On emotions after the loss)
"It was a hard fought football game. We played (a) really good team today and obviously, they came to play. At the end of the day they just made more plays than we did. I loved the way that we fought in the fourth quarter, and we really didn't play our best football until that point. We put together some good drives during that time and we put ourselves in position to win, but unfortunately, they just made a few more plays than we did."

(On the Vikings' ability to execute)
"Looking back there was probably some bigger play opportunities that we missed on whether they got to me before we had a chance at it. We had a hard time staying on the field there early on and missed a couple of those drives by not really getting it going. That is a great defense, a well-coached defense and so you can understand at times it is going to be a battle and you play the field position game, which we did. I'd say special teams played well and gave us some opportunities. I did feel like in that game we were starting backed up a lot. They were making us march the field, but again, (we) didn't play great for the first three quarters. It didn't feel like we could put drives together and play with tempo until the fourth quarter did things get cranked up."

(On the interception)
"We were trying to catch them off guard and felt like Teddy (Ginn Jr.) was making his way over the top and could make a nice play."

(On knowing the realities of keeping this group together)
"That is the league we are in and the world we live in. There's always changes and so we're very much so starting over. I'd say that we have incredible culture here and a great foundation built. We know that there's a stable group of guys that'll be here for a long time so then you always spend your offseason finding other pieces, complementary pieces. Whether it be through the draft or free agency you never know how that's going to shake out. Bottom line's I know the environment of whoever comes in from the draft, or free agency, or whatever. I know what they're coming into and the type of culture that we have and the locker room that we have. It is one that is fun. We work hard but we play hard and we have fun together. We love each other and this is the result. We will a lot of games and guys play for one another. We love coming to work together here in this locker room."

(On decision to return another season)
"I'm not making any comments on that, other than I've told you guys this over the last couple of years, I've always just taken it one year at a time and kind of reevaluate each offseason and find the things I want to get better at and move on."

(On the heartbreak knowing the end is closer than some other guys)
"You invest so much into and have invested so much into it. You understand that these opportunities are few, so yes it's disappointing when you're not the one holding up the trophy at the end of the year is disappointing."

(On the process to digest everything this season)
"I evaluate every season kind of the same. I look at all of the great things that we were able to accomplish. I look at how guys grew and how we grew as a team. You begin to envision the things you want to do in the offseason and the work that you want to put in. Think about how you can start rebuilding it all."

(On if defensively Minnesota showed anything different than what was on film)
"No. Again, we didn't capitalize on some big play opportunities when we had the chance. At the end of the day when you add them up, they just made more plays than we did."

(On Minnesota's defensive ends)
"They are two of the best defensive ends in the league, especially the pair. You cannot just focus on one and oh by the way, they have some good interior guys and good pressure players at the linebacker and safety positions as well. You have to have a plan for all of those guys. I think we understood that it was going to be a battle and there are times where their going to get you. Let's get the ball out and try to avoid a negative play, which we did. Give yourself a third and manageable and try to sustain the drive, try to get something going and wear them down. You walk away from a game like and that and say there was so much of the game plan that we tried to call. We didn't possess the ball for enough time until the fourth quarter."

(On the penalty for spike)
"You know you only have one play. It's the difference of knowing you only have 21 seconds and a timeout versus 11 seconds and a timeout. That is a big deal. You're thinking we have one play right now and we're going to call a timeout and then run out the field goal team out there. Versus we get a play that all of sudden gets us within striking distance, you take the timeout and now you have two shots at the endzone or something like that. That was costly."

(On ending with the fumble)
"The fumble was extremely frustrating because there was a miscommunication about what we were doing. The ball should've been out of my hands and all of a sudden that wasn't the route that was thrown and now I am trying to throw the ball into the dirt to avoid a sack. Right as my hand's going back, he kind of gets a piece of my arm and that ball comes out. I'm really disappointed in that. It never should have happened."

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