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Saints players talk about preseason game vs. Vikings

New Orleans loses preseason opener 35-24

Take a look at the action from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome as the New Orleans Saints take on the Minnesota Vikings in week 1 of the 2019 NFL preseason.

Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater

On how he would rate his own performance:

"I'll leave that to the coaches. I felt like for me my main goal was to create tempo, create rhythm and try to establish my identity. I think we did a good job of doing that."

On his confidence level during the game:

"The coaches did a great job tonight of calling plays and the guys did a great job of making plays. We were able to put together some good drives, (some good) scoring drives. Of course, we want seven points instead of three, but however we can put points on the board is a blessing."

On the two-minute drive at the end of the first half:

"It was a great job by the guys. Our defense did a great job of giving us enough time to be able to drive down the field and score. The guys on our side did a great job of understanding what plays we were calling, getting the signal and communicating, running their correct routes. The offensive line did a great job of protecting and all I had to do was sit back and play. It's something we've been working on the last couple of days – the two-minute. To be able to get to rep two-minute in a game-like situation was a great learning opportunity for a lot of guys and when you look around this league a lot of games come down to the two-minute drive and to be able to get points today was big."

On what he saw on the back shoulder completion to Cyril Grayson Jr.:

"We just wanted to take a shot. Cyril is a guy who can run. We called the play and I said in my mind, 'Hey, I have my guy there. I like my guys over their guys.' I just wanted to give him a chance. I did just that."

On how it felt facing his former team:

"It didn't feel too strange. It actually felt like one of the old practice days but in a game-like tempo. Just knowing what those guys are going to do and I still remember some of their calls and some of their looks and things like that. It was kind of a plus for me. It just felt like one of the old practice days."

Quarterback Taysom Hill

On how he felt about his performance:

"Overall I felt like it was good. I think like any game or any practice there are plays you would like to have back. I think overall preseason (game) one was good."

On how he balances his focus at quarterback in the preseason versus his extended role in the regular season:

"It's difficult. Part of training camp is getting ready for the season. I'm trying to make sure I'm ready to do everything else that I will be asked to do during the season, but I still want to make sure that I'm progressing as a quarterback. It's not an easy thing to manage. I think early in training camp you want to make sure that you're taking care of all of your responsibilities and then you make this transition to playing quarterback and you want to make sure you continue to develop that way. It's still early in my career. I'm still figuring out how to manage all of that. I had a lot of fun being able to play quarterback tonight."

On what his thought process is when he sees a man-to-man coverage:

"Just like any quarterback in the NFL, you see man-to-man, you're looking for matchups, what the concept is. Outside of that, if somebody doesn't win, instead of maybe throwing the 50-50 ball or throwing the ball away, why not try to get a few yards to get a second or third and short situation. That was kind of my mind-set. Obviously, trying to eliminate how many shots that I was taking but making sure that we weren't having negative plays. That was my mindset going in to the game trying to avoid the second and third and long situations and get us in to reasonable situations."

On if it is easier to get into a rhythm when he has more playing time at quarterback:

"It's such a different mind-set when you're playing tight end or fullback or whatever it may be. I might be blocking at the point of attack on a run and so much happens in between the tackles and in those runs and my hands get beat up. It's a physical game. And then you have to step in at quarterback and have to play the violin. It's a difficult transition. I think a night like tonight where you can focus on just playing quarterback and going through all your pre-snap reads and all of that definitely allows me to get into a rhythm and calm down."

Linebacker Demario Davis

On his goals for the game:

"It's just important to come out and take things from the practice field and into the game. It's the first time that it's live action. There is only one way to play this game, and it's full speed, so you make sure that you have everything in place to play the game full speed. I try to make sure that my eyes are right. I try to make sure that I am playing the game physical. I try to make sure that I use my hands and technique right. Meanwhile, I try to get all of those first game jitters out of the way in time for week one, so that everything is like clockwork." On if the team tried anything out tonight that they can use in a regular season game: "You just try to do your job. I think that whatever you can do to do your job as best as possible, that is what you try and do. If you are trying things out, you try them out in practice before you try them out in a preseason game, the different things that you feel like that you can add to your game and work, you want to try them out in the preseason because it's a good time to try it out."

Defensive back Kayvon Webster

On his interference play that was reviewed, but not overturned

"I thought Coach (Payton) made a great call. He was showing he was behind me. I played good technique. I went up for the ball, I looked back with the receiver, both players (going for the ball), played through the hands, it was incomplete. It was a questionable call." On if any officials told him what he did wrong in terms of technique following the play:

"They just were like, 'It was a tough call. It was close. They couldn't overturn it. They threw (the flag) out, saying that it was pass interference.' We just roll with the punches."

On if he likes that coaches can challenge interference calls:

"Yeah, I love the idea. It's going to be a lot of game-changing plays with that, challenging for that pass interference. All we can do is keep getting better."

Linebacker Vince Biegel

On his roles:

"They had me playing in a lot of different spots, Sam linebacker, on-the-edge, stacking over the ball, playing in space, and then playing some defensive end on third down with personnel on some pass rush opportunities. I really believe in embracing everything. I feel like I have been having a great camp so far. I did some great things tonight; some things I need to improve on. Overall, that's how you prove yourself on this roster, showing what you can do on special teams, being able to (play) kind of like a player like Taysom Hill, where you can wear a lot of different roles and be able to provide those things for this team."

Wide receiver Lil'Jordan Humphrey

On scoring his first touchdown:

"It was cool. I have a lot more to prove so that I can make this team. It was cool, but I've just got to do a lot more." On what he needs to get better at: "All of the little things as a receiver. I need to be more detailed as a receiver. Once I do that, I think that I will be OK."

On if he was able to show anything:

"I was able to show my ability to run with the ball after the catch. I feel like I did that a little bit today…That was a main point of my game at Texas was YAC (yards after the catch), turning small plays into bigger plays."

Center Erik McCoy

On how Teddy Bridgewater played:

"From what I saw, Teddy did a great job. He was going through his read progressions pretty quick. We did not have any fumbled snaps, so that was a good thing. I thought that he did a great job."

On his goals for the game:

"Just go out and try to solidify myself as a good player. They haven't seen me in live action yet. I was just trying to make a statement."

On his nerves compared to practice:

"Coming into practice, my nerves were a little high, but not near as much as they were tonight. This was the first game in the dome, the first chance to really show what I have, so nerves were very high to start this game off."

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