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Saints Coach Sean Payton talks about loss to Bucs

Payton met with media following Tampa game


"Obviously, it's disappointing playing what ended up being a low scoring game. I thought there were a lot of things we did well defensively. I thought the penalties certainly hurt us. I think it ended up being the difference. When we watch this tape, we're going to see it come up time and time again, especially when we get down in the red zone, false starts, too many third down and long situations, and it ended up costing us. Obviously, the turnovers as well."

On dropped touchdown passes:

"You start with 16 penalties, 13 of them accepted. It's going to be hard to score. Two weeks now, we haven't scored a touchdown and I think you've got to start there. Those keep you from having a chance. We've got to be better."

On if anything stood out:

"No, we'll see the tape. You don't know how a game is going to unfold and I thought there were a lot of things. I know defensively, we got the stops we needed and forced a punt there, which was significant to give ourselves another opportunity, so we'll watch the tape."

On linebacker Dannell Ellerbe's performance:

"He was in a ton of packages. There's some base looks where heavy looks will get a rotation where he might come out and then he had to go in quick during the half just for about ten minutes."

On safety Vonn Bell's performance:

"I think pretty well. I think defensively we did a lot of things well."

On performance of offensive line:

"I can't tell without watching the tape. I think overall though, if you just go back to the holding calls and false starts, there's some opportunities. There's a third-down and 10 where we have [wide receiver Brandin] Cooks through the defense and we break down in protection. So, I think by in large, there will be a lot of things that we see I'm sure offensively that need to be cleaned up."

On message to group after tough losses:

"You tell them, 'Hey listen, it's challenging, it's difficult. It's one of the challenges about what we do.' This group has worked hard and they'll handle it the right way. Obviously, it's frustrating. It's disappointing."

On performance the past three weeks:

"We're going to look at it this week, really. We're not going to look at it from a long-term perspective."

On whether he believes wide receiver Brandin Cooks was giving it his all:

"Do I think Cooks was giving it his all? Yeah, yeah. Did you? I think it was pretty easy to tell. I thought he worked hard. He did well."

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