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Saints Coach Sean Payton postgame quotes

Quotes from New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton postgame conference


Opening Statement:
"Obviously it's a difficult loss. There are not going to be a lot of things that we like when we watch this tape. The game unfolded in a manner where, I just finished telling the players, you don't know how it's going to go, but certainly, offensively, we weren't able to keep up with the points New England was scoring. Credit those guys, they did a great job of execution and we didn't play like I feel we are capable of playing."

On if issues on defense were same as last week:
"No, it wouldn't be the same, we'll look at the film but we were probably in a little bit more man coverage than we were zone from a week ago. We dropped two coverages. This wasn't as noticeable, obviously there were some guys open, but before I'd comment I want to look at the film."

On his reaction to how open targets were getting (for New England's offense):
"It's a good offense. We've got to get better, not just on defense, like I said, we've got to be better offensively. We're not playing a complementary game. We are not turning the ball over, but we are not creating any turnovers either. Obviously, we didn't do enough good things today to give us a chance."

On Drew Brees's absence and it if affects the offense:
"I don't know if it's one specific player. It's Week Two. I don't know what the third down numbers were today but we've got to find a way to stay on the field. Especially when you are playing a team that is keeping their offense on the field. We didn't run the ball well enough today, obviously. We attempted to a number of times. We had three penalties in the front. Those are going to be drive killers, you had two holding, hands to the face; it's tough to overcome those when you get one of those calls."

On the ability to affect the passer:
"Look, the ball comes out quick with Tom (Brady) and it has week to week, when you watch him play there is a rhythm to his game. Ultimately, you have to disrupt the passing game, either pressuring the quarterback or bumping at the line of scrimmage the eligible receivers. There was a handful of big plays where he got too much time."

Did something happen to Kenny Vaccaro in the second half?
"No, We have to get more consistent play and that dates back to last weekend so we are going to play those guys."

On his reaction to reports that Vaccaro might be traded:
"It's Week Two and it's not unusual this early in the season for teams to call about teams that have depth at running back, like we might, or depth at safety. Outside of that, no reaction."

On the offensive line juggling:
"If it was just a week it might be a little different but looking at the time frame that we are operating on we felt like this was the best decision for us moving forward."

On an 1-11 record in September the last 4 years
"We just finished talking about the sprint here that we are in to improve each week. Obviously, you start out like this and there is disappointment and yet, we have the right type of locker room. We are going to have to respond quickly, we play Carolina and then go on the road for another week so we will find out what we are made of."

On decision to go for it late in the second quarter
"I thought it was an easy one based on how this game was unfolding. No different from the challenge, the challenge was an easy one too. If we lose it, the ball's on the 10, if we win it it's a touchback, but with regards to the way that happens we felt pretty good about a play and we just were not able to connect on it. I think a lot of it is pulse of the game. I do not know that I'd normally do that, a lot of it is just how this game was going."

On defensive penalties:
"The 12 (men) on the field, first off, it 's classic Tom (Brady) where there's a quick substitution being made and I have not seen the replay to see how close Manti (Te'o) was to getting off. Obviously, it's frustrating when it is a turnover. I thought, from a substitution standpoint, that wasn't our challenge tonight. They are in and out of a few personnel groupings, but settling in and eliminating some of the big plays, its two weeks in a row really where there have been too many quick strike plays that make it difficult to play consistently. Some of those drives are happening and all the sudden there is a third down. Earlier in the game we had a few third downs and we weren't able to get off the field and that hurt us."

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