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Reggie Bush Looks Forward to Mile High City

    <span style="">Q: Do you think that a play like yours on Sunday or some of the other special teams touchdowns in the first two weeks remind people what an important part of the game it is?  

A: Yes, it's tough to run back punt returns, especially in this league and to run back kickoff returns. I look at it as another opportunity to make a play for my team. It gives me a chance to get the ball in space and obviously when you have a playmaker in that type of situation, you always like your chances.

Q: Does it change the game?

A: It changes the game and I think it should have won this last game for us, but things didn't go our way. Last weekend wasn't our week. Hopefully we'll learn a lesson like that and we won't lose any other close games like that. Top caliber teams always find a way to pull it out, even if it's ugly.

Q: They say everybody was eager to get rid of the bad in practice. How eager are you to get over the team's rushing performance as a group?

A: I'm just eager to get into the next game and get another win. Obviously last week was a tough loss for us and if we want to be an elite game, we need to find a way to win those games. Every win is not going to be pretty. We're not going to always score 35 or 40 points a game. We're not going to always not turn the ball over, but you still have to find ways to win the game. Those elite teams that find a way to do that are the ones that are in the playoff hunt every year.

Q: Since you came here, this team's responded pretty well to games with a big magnitude attached to them. Do you see that this week and the team rising up to the occasion?

A: Yes, I think we will. I'm looking forward to this game. It should be a good game. I love the fact that it's in Denver. It's a hostile environment. It just adds energy to the game. I'm looking forward to this game and everybody else in this locker room is looking forward to this game. I think it will show. I think we'll rise to the occasion.

Q: What do you think of Denver's defense?

A: They have a great defense. They play a lot of down safety coverage from what I've seen and what we've seen so far. Obviously we like our chances with that. We'll see what happens. They may not play it. They may end of playing zone. Whatever schemes they play, we'll have to make the best of it and adjust. It's a solid defense with really solid corners in Champ Bailey and Dre' Bly with the linebacker D.J. Williams and some of the other guys they have a solid group.

Q: Can you describe the Mile High environment?

A: It's going to be loud. They have had two big wins and they're looking really good. Everything's looking really good for them right now. They're playing at home and looking for another huge win to go 3-0.

Q: What do you think of the performance of the Saints offensive line this year as opposed to years past?

A: I think the first game we did pretty well; we looked okay, not good enough. There's always room for improvement. You can always do better. It seems like this last game we maybe took a step back with our run game. For whatever reason, it didn't happen for us and that's something that we have to work on as a team. Without the run, you can't be a one dimensional offense and expect to be successful in this league. You need to have the run and the pass game. I think those are the fundamentals of football whether it's Pop Warner, high school, college or the NFL. The run goes hand in hand with the pass. We just have to get better at it. One way or another we have to work at it.

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