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Quotes from the Philadelphia Eagles - Week 11

The Philadelphia Eagles spoke to the media following their Week 11 game on Sunday, Nov. 18

New Orleans Saints vs Philadelphia Eagles - Mercedes-Benz Superdome - Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018 - Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson

On points to turn around the game:
"You know it's hard, it's tough when things started to spiral. I will tell you this the guys continued to battle and continued to fight. There's a lot of resiliency among this group, even battling through some of the injuries and some of the loss of players today. But the mistakes that were made against good football teams, you just can't do."

On where to go from here:
"Where do we go from here? We come to work on Tuesday and we roll up our sleeves and we go to work. This group is committed to that and I'm excited for this next few games that we have coming up. Listen, we can only control what we can control and I tell these guys that all the time. We're going to come to work on Tuesday and we're going to prepare. We got the Giants coming to town and we're excited for that opportunity."

On being surprised by the season:
"I guess what is a little surprising is the amount of injuries that keep piling up and that's something that you just- it's hard each week to overcome. Again, it's something that we put ourselves in this position, so it is a one game season each week. I trust every coach, every player, front office (staffer), we're going to get this fixed. It starts with me. We have to do it in a hurry."

On talking to the team:
"Basically what I said, I told them not to hang their head. I told them that we're going to come to work this week and we got a great opportunity in front of us. We're going to stay committed. I asked them, I'm going to lead this team and to follow me. To every man in there, they embraced that and understand that we're held accountable to the way we played today. We're going to look at the tape and fix the mistakes and get ready for New York (Giants)."

On fear of spiraling after the loss:
"There's always that fear but I didn't sense that with our group. Not at all. I walked around the locker room on the offensive and defensive side and to every man I told them, 'Don't hang your head. Let's go.' We're obviously in a rough spot right here but I believe in those players and believe in those coaches and we'll get it fixed."

On fourth down opportunities:
"Yeah, I mean there were some opportunities to do that and elected to punt. Try to flip the field a little bit and get field position. I knew as the game went on that there was going to be some more opportunities to do that. Just didn't get it done."

On if he was upset today that Saints kept the pedal down in the game through the start of the fourth quarter:
"No, they should. We have to play ball. It is football. If they're going to run it, then we have to tackle. If they're going to throw it, then we have to defend it. Not at all. It's football and I think if it was flipped the other way we would've done the same thing."

On Drew Brees and the Saints offense:
"Obviously, they're explosive. They're dynamic. They are playing with a lot of continuity right now and they're playing in sync. And obviously it starts with Drew and the way he handles the team and the offense. It's hard to get to him, number one. The ball is out of his hand quite quickly. And you know as a person who's played the position, and obviously having a passion for the sport, it's pretty special to watch somebody like that perform."

On Carson Wentz's ten-yard sack in the second quarter:
"Well what happened, we had a shot play called down field and he was on Alshon's (Jeffery) side. The safety actually rolled over the top and I think Wis (Stefen Wisniewski) just got beat inside and so the pressure was right on him real fast before he could get the ball out."

On the deep drop instead of quick throw:
"It's a three step drop out of the shotgun. So it's fast. It's just the protection broke down a little bit on that one."

On the message to his team being 'one game':
"Exactly right, I'm not looking past this week at all. We obviously have to own this game today and own our jobs. We have to get better obviously. It's a one game at a time mentality and we can't look any further."

On dealing with secondary injuries against Drew Brees:
"It's tough. You put together, you piece it together. We brought guys up off the practice squad this week to elevate their play and get them in the game. It's hard when you're running against a Hall of Fame player in Drew and the weapons they have on offense. It's a difficult task but again, we're not going to hang our heads. We are going to keep fighting."

On the damaging slow start:
"Well that is the thing, you have to stay on the field and find ways to stay on the field. (The) First play of the game we had a negative rush there. I believe the second play was incomplete. We had third down on third and eleven, I mean it's just hard to start games that way. We shot our foot early and never really regained it back."

On wide receiver confusion:
"That starts with me and getting the personnel in the game and my communication with the assistant coaches on the sideline. We have a couple of personnel packages where really there's no running back on the field. We're trying to get that personnel on the field and it starts with me and we'll get better."

On not finding a rhythm after slow start today:
"I think it is just each man has to look at ourselves. We are just out of sync offensively, number one. We have to get back to some continuity. Whether it's quick throws, screens, and kind of get things going. Trying to get the run game established and playing teams like this you can get down games so fast early that you feel yourself having to maybe throw a little more to get yourself back into the game. We're going to take a look at it. We'll evaluate it and continue to work and get it fixed."

On questioning effort:
"No. Never once."

On explaining urgency:
"You can't press. You can't come out the game going, 'I'm going to try and make a play.' This game has enough plays to be made. The messaging to the team is the sense of urgency is this, when a play comes to you, just make the play. Just make the play. Carson (Wentz) if you get an opportunity, make the play. Alshon (Jeffery), you make a play; Malcolm (Jenkins) you make a play; Fletcher (Cox) you make a play. Sometimes you don't just go looking for them. When they come, make them. That's been the message and I felt like early we kind of had that rhythm. Again, we just have to focus on each play at a time."

On Carson Wentz's interception:
"No, it was the right place. The safety cut the deep cross and Nelly (Nelson Agholor) was on the post. It was the place to throw the ball."

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz

On his thoughts on today's game:
"I've played a lot of football games in my career and this is one of the worst losses I've ever been a part of and yes it's frustrating. It's frustrating all the way around. Offensively, defensively, special teams. We just got beat. And instead we have to be better and it starts with me. Especially offensively. To get that thing going earlier. Early and often. We've talked about it all the time and some guys haven't been able to get it fixed. Yes, this is definitely a frustrating one today, but at the end of the day, we're going to get out of here, we're going to watch this film, and we're going to go play a couple NFC East opponents here and see what we're made of."

On why the message is not getting through on playing poorly:
"Yes, it is hard to say. It is harder to say one thing. We just did not show up really today. We did not show up and we got beat. It is a good football team. Give them credit, but we know we're better than what we put out there today. I know myself and I have to be better. I have to lead these guys better. I have to come out swinging better. Move the ball, move the chains, make some plays, and I did not do that and as a team we did not do that."

On if Carson is trying to force things too much such as the throw to Agholor:
"I don't think so. On that throw to Agholor (Nelson) early. They made a good play. I didn't quite see the coverage there. Called that cut and replace and then they did a good job of that. I just saw the safety cut and didn't quite see the 23 over there."

On the signs of frustration when on the sideline after the interception:
"I was just mad at myself. Because I just didn't see the coverage right. I knew the type of ballgame we were in and the emphasis we put on starting fast. We didn't do that and I obviously didn't help the guys either."

On what happened on the play call when he was sacked by Sheldon Rankins:
"We were trying to be aggressive. Take a shot down the field. They played a good coverage and I didn't get it off in time."

On if he's surprised that they haven't been able to overcome this year in the "next man up" mentality and the difference between this season and last season:
"This is a different season. Different year, different team. That's the easy comparison. To compare us to last year and what we did and those things, but this is a different team. Right now we've got to find a way. Injuries happen. Those are a part of the game. It sucks and you do not get a lot of these guys who are missing a lot of time. It is tough but, it's a new season, a new year and we have to bounce back better."

On how much ownership he takes on early offensive struggles:
"A lot. I know I pride myself in coming out swinging early. I am excited for all those things and I am locked in and we just did not make plays. The last couple weeks it's, (been) frustrating. I definitely take a lot of it on my plate, on my shoulders. I have to come out better."

On after a loss like this, if he has to make sure people are still focused on what is ahead:
"As a leader, you definitely need to. I think leaders definitely need to, but I have said it a bunch. We know the guys in that locker room. We know there are not going to be be guys that are going to lay down and quit. Today just got out flat out and beat badly, but we're going to bounce back. But like I said, we've got a couple games that will really define this season coming up and it starts next week."

Why anyone thinks this season could be fixed:
"You guys feel free to have your own doubts or whatever you want, but we know what we're capable of. I know – the product that we're putting out there is not up to our standards. I'm not playing up to my standards. I think you go down the list and everybody is saying that. But we know the guys we have. We know the talent we have. We know the chemistry we have. It just hasn't clicked out there all together. At the end of the day, all that really matters is the guys in that building. The guys in that locker room. We all believe. That belief is never going to go anywhere. The quit, you'll never see us quit. So we're excited to get back to work. This is a frustrating one. An embarrassing one. But like I said, we've got three games. We've got a couple NFC east games ahead of us that we can really see what we're made of."

Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson

On what he thinks the problem is:
"I don't know. Last year you talk about it, every game we scored most times on our opening drives. So it made play-calling a lot easier. Now we get behind early, it seems like every game and we find ourselves in a rut. That's the way it has been pretty much the whole season. We talked about going fast. We talked about doing this and doing that. We talked about a lot of things. But when it comes down to executing, we haven't done it."

On if he still saw passion in the locker room at half-time:
"Yes. That's the thing. Whenever stuff's not going right, you know – I've been in the league for a little bit and I've been a part of some bad seasons and you know, they really look at guys that are going to quit whenever it's down. They really look at that and they're going to remember that, so. It goes for me. It goes for everybody in the locker room. No quit. You have to fight. No matter how bad it is. It got ugly today. For us moving forward, there's always the next week."

On if he believes the season is salvageable:
"Yes. We're in a bad spot. We're in a bad hole. I've said this before, but Doug (Pederson) said we got three division games in front of us. We'll get guys, get back healthier. I'm getting healthier. For us there is no quit in this team. This is the first game where we've gotten blown out. But every other ballgame, we've been right it in it. So it's frustrating. I could talk about this and that all day. But it goes down to we have to perform. "

Eagles defensive end Chris Long

On the run defense:
"Yes the run defense sucked."

(Reporter: Same problems?)
"Probably slightly different problems. I do not know. We have to look at it. It's hard for me to make a diagnosis on where runs are hidden. I just think the key is everybody has to focus on doing their job and not try to do too much because we are losing. When the chips go down, you can't try to do your own thing. We have got to act on this thing as a team and that is what run-defense is about. So we got to go look at it. See what happened."

On the possible disrespect behind the fourth & seven play for the touchdown by the Saints:
"Man, you know, we got beat 48-7. I'm not going to pick and choose, you know, plays or disrespect. I just think, for us, it's disrespectful to ourselves to put that effort forward. I'm not worried about them going on it for fourth (down). It's our job to stop them. You know, giving out 48 that's… Us getting our akicked like that. I haven't gotten my a kicked like that in a long time and being a part of something like that, so. Nobody's coming to save us. We've got to fix it ourselves. So we'll see what it is. "