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Quotes from the Los Angeles Rams - Preseason Game 4

The Los Angeles Rams spoke to the media following the final preseason game on Thursday, August 30

New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Rams - Head coach Sean McVay

On assessing where the team is at now that preseason is over:
"Tonight was a tough night. The Saints did a great job in, really, all three phases. We have a lot of respect for those guys. We have a lot of tough decisions over the next couple of days to make. I thought that it was a good job for these guys coming out and doing everything that we've asked today. That has been the theme as a whole for our team. I am really appreciative of this group. We didn't get the result that we wanted tonight, but I think in terms of some of the decisions, a lot of the guys, unfortunately will not be with us moving forward. All you can do is let them know just how much you respect and appreciate how they have gone about their business day in and day out."

On the team:
"We feel good about where we are at as a team, in terms of the health that we have talked about. (We have) been doing everything that we can to just take steps one day at a time to be at our best on that September 10th date against a great Oakland Raiders team. We know that it's going to be a great atmosphere and environment. We are looking forward to getting started with these games that count."

On Micah Kiser:
"I think the best way to describe him is just a productive football player. That is what he's been throughout the course of his career in college. You have seen him show up time in and time out throughout this preseason. I think that he is an active player. He is a very smart, cerebral player that understands the game. He is just a good, solid football player. That is where you throw the measurables out the door on some of these things and you just trust what you see on tape. He has consistently been a productive player. I think that Joe Barry and Chris Shula have done an excellent job with him. He is just getting better and better."

On Luis Perez:
"I thought Luis got in there and to be in position to even get a chance to be competing in games like this is a great story. It's a great credit to him. He's a really impressive person, an unbelievable guy. It's a joy being around him. It was fun for him to get out there. I wish that we would've had a little more success as a whole. He is a special guy. His family was here tonight. This was a special night for Luis."

On the situation with Aaron Donald:
"It is the same as what it was the other day. I'll get a chance to talk to those guys. There has been ongoing dialogue. Hopefully, we will have some finality to it sooner than later. I still feel the same optimistic approach. I know that there are a couple of things that we are trying to work through with Les (Snead), Kevin (Demoff), and Tony (Pastoors). I'll get a chance to touch base with those guys here after we finish up."

#9 Quarterback Luis Perez

On how his first NFL snaps felt:
"It felt great. It was great to take the center, break the huddle, and get the ball under center. It was great. Just to be able to go out with those guys and put everything that I've put in throughout these last two months on the field."

On how it felt:
"Just some things to clean up obviously. There was some good, there was some bad. Go back to the film and just get better. Learn from my mistakes and just learn from it."

On if he does not make this team this weekend, if he sees an opportunity elsewhere:
"That is hard for me to say. I am not a coach. I can't say on those things. Hopefully I stay, but if not, hopefully I did enough on tape to be picked up by a football team."

On if it gives him confidence that he can do it in the NFL:
"Absolutely. Once you get out there, and all the butterflies go away, and you're just playing football. I definitely know I can play."

On the feeling from joining this team and that he can compete at this level:
"All these guys that are here in the NFL are great. They are here for a reason 1% of the people in the world get to be here. Just from learning from Goff, coach McVay, and Coach Taylor. I know I can play once I learn and get the flow of the game. The speed of the game is different. Whether you went to USC or Texas A&M University-Commerce, it's going to be a jump. It's all about adjustments and learning from it."

On what he learned this preseason:
"I'd say how to communicate with men. It's a lot different talking to 18-19 year olds than talking to Andrew Whitworth. I don't know how old he is, but it's a lot different. You have to know how to communicate with everybody in different ways so they can react accordingly. That's one thing I've definitely worked on."

#38 Defensive Back Steven Parker

On if he was reading the quarterback on the interception:
"Definitely. That was written on our play ops that our coach put on the board. He basically said watch out whenever they go blackout, they love special. I read the receiver, read the quarterback and then got the chance to get a great break in the middle of the field, I had a chance to pick it off. It was great."

On the importance of an interception like that in competition for a roster spot:
"It feels like a blessing. It's something that I've been talking about and just getting ready to put it on tape. I got my opportunity and made the best of it. I thank God for letting me have this opportunity with the Rams."

On the interception being a culmination of preseason for him:
"For sure. It has been a lot of ups and downs. You talk to the veteran guys and you ask them about their rookie year. They give you great advice on how to handle the situation and how to handle the rookie year. I listen to them and talk to them and I'm in their ear and diagnose every single game in the DB room and they've made me better as a person and an athlete."

#59 Linebacker Micah Kiser

On his mentality coming into this game:
"When we got to gameday, just go out and play, play fast, and leave it all out there. I think I did that. Regardless of how this shakes out, I played hard, I put some good stuff out there, and I'm proud of what I did."

On the nerves going into the weekend with cutdowns in site:
"Obviously you want to be on a team, but like I said, I played as hard as I can. I don't have any regrets. I'll sleep well tonight. This is a loaded team. And when you look around, there's a reason why 40 guys didn't even dress tonight. This is a really good team. I want to be a part of it, I want be here, I want to be an LA Ram. I am grateful for the opportunity and I played as hard as I can.

On how much confidence his preseason gave him as a player:
"At the end of the day, obviously I am a football player. I have always been productive. See ball – get ball is what I do. It is just going out there, having fun, playing fast and not really thinking. That is again a testament to coach (Joe) Barry and the guys helping me out. Even today, Bryce (Hager) was not playing, but he was right there every step of the way. He was saying "hey if you see this vs man, do this. There was just really good leadership on this team, and I want to be a part of it.

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