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Quotes from the Cleveland Browns - Week 2

The Cleveland Browns spoke to the media following their Week 2 game on Sunday, Sept. 16

New Orleans Saints vs. Cleveland Browns - Mercedes-Benz Superdome - Sunday, Sept. 16 - Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson

Opening statement:
"Tough loss. The guys battled. One thing that I know about this team is that they're going to give me everything that they have. We had some opportunities to finish the game and we did not get it done. We've got another game right around the corner so we don't get to lick our wounds for very long. We've got to move on from this. We'll get New York (Jets) here on Thursday to our place back at home in front of our fans. We've got to regroup real quick and get ourselves ready for another home game."

On the defense:
"I thought that the defense all day, for the most part, did some great things. You hold that offense (the Saints) with those players that they have over there to what we did (is an accomplishment). I don't know what the final stats were. I thought that we were controlling the line of scrimmage at times. I thought that we controlled the passing game at times, so I thought that (our defense), they did some good things."

On the offense:
"Obviously on offense we've got to become a little bit more consistent so that we can sustain things and finish with touchdowns."

On the special teams:
"Special teams, obviously, is something that we have got to get better at. We had some chances and missed them. We've got to grow from that. We have got some work to do. I get it and you guys get it too."

On what he told the team after the game:
"Our players, as I told them afterwards, 'There is a good team in that (locker) room.' There is no doubt in my mind about that. They are a good football team in that room. We've just got to make sure that we are doing the right things all of the time to give us a chance to win."

On how tough it is to lose a game that could have been won:
"It is tough. This is tough. Last week's (game was tough). We've had our opportunities. Again, the game kind of turned; we missed some kicks; (threw an) interception, they (the Saints) score. That's what happens in these types of games."

On what he said to Zane Gonzalez after the game:
"I told him to put his head up. He's still one of the guys in that room. Obviously, that is going to be what everybody says, the kicks. We make the kick here and we make the kick in overtime, and before we even have a chance to get to overtime and we would be feeling differently. So, again, we missed them. We have work to do. We've got to get better."

On if Gonzalez kicked well this week in practice:
"Yes, he did. He kicked well in practice. It didn't make it here in the game today."

On if the team has time to find a new kicker before the next game:
"I don't know that. We will address all of that once we get in (the office) tomorrow."

On the play of Antonio Callaway:
"Great for Antonio. Those are the plays we truly believe that he can make."

On not having Josh Gordon:
"The Josh (Gordon) situation, let's talk more about that tomorrow. I don't think that (for) our team that was a determining factor in this game at all. I think that we can play better. That is like losing a player to injury. He didn't play. We made the adjustments. We've got to continue to play better."

On the hard play of the defense:
"Playing their tails off. I'm proud of them. Honestly, there are some plays that they are going to want back and plays that I want back for them. I think that the guys are competing and competing hard. I think that the whole team is competing. I just think that we have to continue as a team to keep doing the right things offensively, defensively, and special teams."

QB Tyrod Taylor

On how hard it is to win with missed kicks:
"It is tough, but the game doesn't boil down to just that. There are areas in the game that we could clean up in our phases to get better and the scoreboard would look different. We don't want to point fingers or anything, we can't do that as a team when there are areas we can all clean up and get better at. We have to look at the film and obviously get ready for Thursday's game."

On the touchdown to Antonio Callaway:
"The play we had called was meant to grab the safety's attention with Jarvis' (Landry) route across the field and he was able to do that, I know he was one-on-one with the corner outside. When you see there is a one-on-one down the field, you expect your guy is able to make it and give those guys an opportunity to make a play."

On finding out about Josh Gordon being in the process of not being a member of the team moving forward which the team announced yesterday:
"I don't think it had any impact in regard to this game. Away from this game, of course you lose a brother who's a teammate. I hope everything works out for him in the long run, obviously, things haven't worked out well for him, but I'm going to keep praying for him and hope he's on the right track. It's tough, but at the same time we have guys like (Antonio) Callaway, (Rashard) Higgins, Jarvis (Landry), who are ready for those opportunities. We knew going into this game that he (Josh Gordon) was going to be ruled out, so it wasn't like everything just surprised us. Of course, we lose a ton of talent, always it is tough since he is a special talent, but at the same time tough decisions get made that you do not have control over. We will be praying for him and his well-being and hope everything works out."

On Antonio Callaway stepping up:
"He knows the opportunity that is in front of him. He stepped up to it today in a big way. Of course, it wasn't in a winning effort by us, but he came in on a bunch of drives today and we saw this as a way of building confidence moving forward."

On showing his team that he is a leader:
"I think that is just a true testament to this team, to never give up and keep fighting. I have to keep continuing to keep playing ball that way that I know how and things are going to go good and things will go bad, but you cannot let that waiver your confidence, you have to keep going out there and try to make plays. I was able to do that with our team and give us a chance to do that."

K Zane Gonzalez

On missing two extra points, today after only missing one in his career:
"There are little issues going on, but I am not going to make any excuses about that. I just missed it and I will just move on."

On what happened to him during the missed kicks:
"Today, I'm not going to lie about it. I snowballed and was just pulling them and that last one I just pushed it over, but like I said there are no excuses for it. I get paid to make those kicks and I have to make them."

On what he was saying to himself:
"I was cussing myself out in my head. I was really upset about it, but like I said, it is on me one hundred percent and I can't be too mad at myself and I can't blame it on anyone else. It sucks because we were so close to that win and it has been so long and I just let everybody down."

WR Jarvis Landry

On his thoughts on what to say to Kicker, Zane Gonzalez:
"Make the field goals, make the field goal."

On playing in the Superdome after growing up in New Orleans:
"It is a good feeling, I had a lot of emotions and definitely in the beginning of the game. Just seeing the crowd, pretty much every time I looked in the stands I saw somebody I knew, so you know it was a really good feeling."

On the Saints defense today:
"They made the plays when they needed them the most and they bent but didn't break. Hats off to them."

On how the team keeps moving forward:
"Look at the tape and evaluate it. We have to see where we can get better, what areas we can get better on. Continue to play as a team and find a way to win."

On the late touchdown to Antonio Callaway:
"That was awesome effort. I was actually running right, right there as well and I thought it was overthrown. I thought Tyrod (Taylor) was throwing it to me and it was overthrown, then I looked and I see Antonio hit another gear and put his hands out and make the catch and got his feet in. That was big time, big boy football and that is what we expect him to do. We are going to need a lot more out him this year, just like that."

DL Myles Garrett

On his thoughts on today's game:
"A loss is a loss. All of them sucked."

On what they did to shut down the Saints offense:
"Tackling well, make sure they weren't getting any yards per carry or getting any deep balls. We were holding command pretty well."

On what they did against the Saints offensive line to get to Drew Brees:
"We did alright, but could have done better. There is always room for improvement. I feel like we were getting after him (Drew Brees), putting pressure in his face and trying to get our hands up and getting in the passing lanes. He was throwing short and we were tackling him and making him work for each down.

On his thoughts on Josh Gordon:
"It is a business. He is one of your family members, but at the end of the day you have to have a short memory in the NFL. He was a part of it, now you need someone else to fill that role, whether it is one of our guys here or somebody they are going to bring in. You still need to win at the end of the day, no matter what the odds are."

S Jabrill Peppers

On his thoughts on today's game:
"It was tough, but we could have done things better on our phase to come out with the win, just didn't execute.

On the last few drives for the Saints:
"We just got to overcommunicate. We did have a dropper on one and then the other one was just a good ball. It is Drew Brees, he is going to have a couple of those, but I think we definitely did a good job, mixing up the looks and making his day hard. They put up 40 last week and only 21 against us, so it is what it is."

On the team getting over the hump of coming up close to winning:
"It is definitely tough, especially when you that you are better than both of the teams you just played, who everyone else thinks are good football teams. Don't get me wrong they are good football teams, but we just have to execute when it comes down to it. They did and we didn't and that resulted today in a three-point loss. Back to the drawing board, get it out of our systems and Thursday night football awaits us and we need to come out with the win there."

On his thoughts on the missed kicks today:
"It's not all on him, we all have a job to do. We have to execute in our phase, we had a couple of penalties that killed us, a couple mistakes on offense that killed us too. We have to play complimentary football, that is all it comes down to and I think the Saints did a good job at playing complementary football tonight."