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Quotes from the Arizona Cardinals - Preseason Game 2

The Arizona Cardinals spoke to the media following the second preseason game on Friday, August 17

Game action photos from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome as the New Orleans Saints take on the Arizona Cardinals

New Orleans Saints vs Arizona Cardinals - Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Steve Wilks

Opening comments:
"I always say, 'It's hard to win in the National Football League, particularly on the road.' Great job tonight. It was a good performance overall as a team. If you look at some of the things that we've done tonight, you look at #9, (Sam) Bradford. He was six for six, six different receivers. We did a great job protecting the quarterback tonight. Defensively, we did a heck of a job getting the takeaways when we needed it. Improvement-wise, we did a good job stopping the run. That was a way to start right there. We must clean up these penalties. It was another week right here with too many penalties. At some point in time it's going to end up hurting us."

On the run defense:
"We talk about gap integrity. We've got guys getting out of the gaps. Guys have to trust in the calls, trust in the defense, and just do their job. That is something that we are going to make sure that we correct and it starts this week."

On the wide receivers:
"I thought that those guys did a great job. I thought Christian (Kirk) stepped up. Again, I thought that everything started with protection. The quarterbacks had time to go through their progressions and step up. Josh (Rosen) did a tremendous job when he was in there. He was 10 of 16 with one touchdown. As I said before, Christian did a great job pulling it in (for the score)."

On if he feels they have two good quarterbacks:
"We've thought that way all along. Sam (Bradford) does a tremendous job of really trying to help Josh out and really showing him the way. Josh has embraced it. He's doing (a good job) of really trying to absorb all of that information and knowledge. Mike McCoy does a really good job of putting these guys in position."

On Sam Bradford:
"The best thing was just really for him to get in there and get into a rhythm, play a little longer. You see the confidence that he had tonight. You see the command that he has when he takes over the offense and really getting the guys in the right position by reading the defense. He is very quick about getting the ball out. His accuracy is phenomenal."

On the solid blocking on David Johnson's touchdown run:
"It was another great play down on the inside of the five-yard line as we had last week. Again this week, we had guys really working together and pushing it in. I love that. Again, everything that we do starts up front. Those guys are doing a good job."

Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver Christian Kirk

On how he felt after scoring in tonight's game against the Saints:
"It felt amazing. That was the goal this week, especially after last week coming up short and to get in the end zone was just awesome. Obviously, to come on the road and have a part of a big win here in New Orleans, (I'm) just superexcited about it. We were putting together a good drive and just had to go down there and finish in the red zone. I had a man on me, and it was just great communication between me and Josh (Rosen), we were kind of feeling each other out and he put the ball right where it needed to be, right for me to get it and all I had to do was make the catch. It turned out great."

On his relationship with Josh Rosen:
"It's great. Just being able to be roommates on the road this whole week, we have just been talking about different looks and what not. Just being able to have that communication when we are both out there on the field, we both kind of read each other's minds, know what each other's thinking, so it helps a lot."

On his thoughts about the rest of the preseason:
"I am feeling great. I am just ready to get back on the road and go to Dallas and get another win. The goal is to go 4-0 this preseason and just get better every week."

Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Sam Bradford

On what he needs this preseason to get comfortable enough for week one and if it's different with a different team:
"I think that is the question that gets asked every preseason. It's like, what do you need and how much do you need, I don't know if there if there is really an answer to that because I feel like the preseason is so much different than the season. I think tonight was good, the mechanics, the silent count, obviously being on the road and being able to use that against the play clock, I think it was good for us. Obviously, we had a couple false starts, a couple pre-snap penalties, which is something we need to work on and eliminate, but I thought the operation on the road tonight was pretty good and that was really what we were looking to do tonight."

On his performance, tonight compared to the last game against the Chargers:
"We did some good things tonight. I just said, I think early obviously, some of those pre-snap penalties just hurt us and got us behind the chains down and distance wise. Other than that, it was pretty sharp tonight. I am sure we will look at the tape and there will be things that we need to improve and do better, but I think there a lot of good things that were done tonight and things that we can really build on."

On the Cardinals defensive performance tonight:
"I don't know if I have ever seen anything like that, but that is something Coach Wilks, has preached a lot, we hear him talking about it to the defense in our team meetings and on the practice field. To see those guys go out and play the way they have these past two weeks is really encouraging as an offense when you know what is going on, on the other side of the football."

Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Josh Rosen

On his performance, tonight against the Saints:
"Yes, I was very happy with tonight. I think I still have things to work on, a lot of procedural stuff, just keeping my eye on play clocks, my second delay of game (penalty). A lot of good has come from practice."

On his touchdown pass to Christian Kirk tonight:
"I actually had a lot of time in the pocket on that one, I stepped up and held onto the ball a little longer, but it allowed Christian (Kirk) to kind of wiggle around. I think he was covered by Manti (Te'o) or someone like that. I kind of fit it right in front of him, I had to put it kind of high and away. It was kind of a him or no one ball and he managed to snag it."

On his thoughts on Christian Kirk and the other wide receivers:
"I think he is doing well. I think all the receivers are doing really well. Jaylen (Tolliver) made some awesome plays tonight. Christian (Kirk) made some great plays. I think the whole group is doing really well and as an offense we are getting better every day, every week and I am looking forward to keep pushing."

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