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Quotes from Terron Armstead's training camp media availability - Wednesday, August 15

Tackle Terron Armstead spoke to the media following practice on Wednesday, August 15

New Orleans Saints Offensive Tackle Terron Armstead - 2018 Training Camp Presented by Verizon - Wednesday, August 15, 2018

How do you feel right now going into your second preseason game and do you feel you only need a couple of preseason games to be ready to play in the regular season?
"I feel excited. Happy to be out here. Blessed. Excited for Andrus (Peat) coming back. I do not know if he's playing this preseason game or not but I'll take all the work I can get. Especially if he's out there too, it's getting some work together."

Does it take a lot of work for you and Peat to get back in sync?
"We definitely need some work. We do. We've been next to each other for a little while now, but the more we can get, the more reps we can get together, work our consistency, our communication. That'll help us in the long run."

What has it been like watching a 6'10" guy like Nate Wozniak come in and try to learn the position?
"'Woz' is great. His energy, attitude (and) passion. He really wants to get better and has. The strides he's made since the spring and OTAs has been amazing. He's going to continue to work every day. That's his mindset as soon as he comes through the door and you appreciate that from a guy."

Especially for a guy his size, does Wozniak talk to you guys about technique and the way a lineman is supposed to move?
"I've never been seven feet (tall) before so I cannot really tell him how to handle that. There are not many guys his height that have played the position but his mobility is good. And like I said, his work ethic. He's strives every day to improve and he has gotten better. His ability to bend and to kind of a level the leverage field for himself has helped him."

How do you feel right now and I guess how good does it feel to feel good?
"It feels great to be out here every day. To be able to compete with my guys, be with my teammates. So I'm excited about that. I feel blessed."

How long has it been since you felt 100 percent?
"It's been a while. It has been a while, but I feel pretty good right now. Excited about the near future."

How tough is it when you see a guy like Alex Okafor go down knowing what he's going through?
"It sucks for a guy coming back from an injury that he just came back from. I know the feeling. Been hit with things back-to-back. It's a lot mentally, maybe more than physical sometimes, dealing with injuries. But praying for him of course. I'm going to go check on him as soon as we go back inside. Hopefully he's going to be alright."

What was your first reaction when you saw a 6'10" guy come into the locker room?
"We like to joke around, clown quite a bit. So there were a lot of shots at him. But 'Woz' is a great kid. He's got a great attitude. He embraces the locker room, like he loves the energy everyone brings. He's been great the whole time."

What kind of stuff did you all say to him?
"I can't really think off the top, but we got him a little bit."

Sean Payton said that the attitude of the offensive line can permeate an entire team, do you sort of take some of that on yourself to spread a mindset?
"We have a mindset that we want to dominate upfront. We feel like we have the ability, the talent, and the experience to. And it is a lot that goes into it week to week. Different battles. Different teams. But we want to control what we can control and that's setting our tempo. Setting out standard up front."

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