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Quotes from Sean Payton's training camp media availability - Saturday, August 18

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton spoke to the media following practice on Saturday, August 18 

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton - 2018 Training Camp Presented by Verizon - Saturday, August 18, 2018

Opening Statement:
"So tomorrow we'll be on a normal A-schedule with a Saints on Saints practice. Then after the player's day off, we'll shift gears and begin working on the Chargers."

What jumped out at you after you watched film from last night?
"I thought defensively we did a good job against the run. I thought early in the game we did a good job forcing two, three-and-outs. I thought as the game progressed we didn't play the pass as well, I thought offensively, obviously the first thing you look at are the turnovers, so it's hard to win a game. It's hard to be productive offensively if you have four turnovers. So that part of it was sloppy. I thought the kicking game was pretty good. We had a couple decent returns and I thought we by-and-large covered pretty well."

How would you evaluate the defensive line depth right now?
"I think inside we have competition at the tackle position. I think we're fairly deep there. We're deep at the nose, I know that. At the end position, I think we're healthy and I think that it's going to be sooner than later which is good. We'll be able to play those guys a little longer and get a look at the first unit as well as the second."

What kind of growth have you seen from [Trey] Hendrickson in this camp?
"He's doing well. He's active. I think he's a guy that plays with a real good motor and he has some versatility."

Is Marcus Davenport progressing?
"Yes. He's rehabbing and hopefully this week we'll be able to get him back up and moving around."

How would you grade the play of the linebackers after the first two preseason games this year?
"We've had a number of different guys in there, so I think we played better as a unit last night than we did last week. We're trying to really get a pitch count or a certain number with each those players in those first two games. We'll play our frontline guys longer in this game. But overall I thought it was better last night."

Where is Tre'Quan Smith as far as being ready to get on the field?
"He's progressing well. I'm encouraged. He's receiving a lot of work at the 'Z'. You see strong hands. You see him blocking. I think he's progressing well."

How has Smith's performance so far compare to what you saw with Michael Thomas as a rookie?
"They're different type receivers and yet I would say we are seeing the guy pick things up pretty quickly. So there are some similarities. I do feel like he's having a good camp. We felt the same about Mike a couple years ago. The key is to keep giving him the reps at what we think he's going to be doing in the game and reduce some of the variables. But he's bright and he's a big target. He can run. So he's doing well."

We see what Brandon Tate brings as a returner, but what does he do well as a wide receiver?
"He can play a couple different roles. He can run still. He can line up out wide. That is probably where we'd use him most. But I think he makes this team because we feel like he really helps us as a kick and punt returner." 

What are your thoughts of the offensive line's performance last night?
"I thought early in that game, that first unit did a good job blocking the run. Protection was solid. So it was good to see Andrus (Peat) and all those guys working together. (We) Still have some improvement (to go) and we'll receive a chance to see them play more this next week." 

What will Marcus Davenport have to do to get up to speed once he is healthy?
"It's just about the assignment. He'll know he's been at practice and in the meetings. It is just making sure he's 100 percent. But I anticipate that happening this week. I anticipate him being able to work this week and receive some playing time."

You mentioned last night that you wanted to see Boston Scott's running ability?
"He had two plays that stood out. I think that is the strength of his game right now and he is still working in the return area of it and he is still working within the framework of protection. That's something that he needs work on but he's pretty good. He's done a good job when we've handed him the ball and that's kind of what we saw in college.

What in particular stands out about Scott's running ability?
"I think he has good balance. I think he has good vision and good short area quickness. He can get to the edge pretty fast."

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