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Quotes from Sean Payton's training camp media availability - July 30 

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton speaks to the media following training camp on July 30, 2018

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton - 2018 Training Camp Presented by Verizon - Monday, July 30, 2018

How does the weather impact practice when it starts raining like this?
"Obviously, you have to be able to adjust to it, because we will play in a game or two (when it's raining). We have been in game in Tampa Bay like this, we played at Carolina like this. It is part of the elements and ball security becomes more important. Obviously, what you call and what you run sometimes can change, but you 've got to be able to adjust to it."

Have you had many practices like this where you are in the rain for about an hour?
"I don't know how many we've had, but I can recall a handful. Generally, here, when you get this kind of rain it comes with lightning and thunder. I thought defensively it was a better practice. Offensively, I thought we struggled. We let some mistakes compound and become, all of a sudden a bigger mistake. Next thing you know, we're turning the ball over, so we'll look at the film."

How much do you think the energy from Aaron Glenn and Curtis Johnson adds to the competition?
"I think it's part of our job as coaches, is to have that energy and those guys do a good job. That's why they're here."

Does anything stand out to you about Tre'Quan Smith yet or is he doing what you expected him to do?
"He's making some good plays and then all of a sudden he's having a few plays that he has to correct."

Has Smith been able to drive off the ball better lately?
"Just his initial release. We're working on that. It still needs work. His stance and start still need work, but it's something he's been focused on."

How is Smith's speed and separation for being just a few practices in?
"I think what we saw is good. He can run."

Have you noticed any players that change once they put the pads on?
"I don't know that there is anyone right away. We're receiving a chance to evaluate all these guys. Tomorrow we will meet at length about each of these players and continue the process. We're still early."

You talked about that 'prove them right' message to the team, was that a shift in philosophy at all?
"No. That's just something that – that's really us and the team. We have a lot of different messages and they're not necessarily for you."

Has Demario Davis done anything that has surprised you thus far athletically?
"Number one, he is smart, he picks things up. I think there is a physical presence with him and you feel him. The other thing is I think he is a real good leader. So I am glad we have him."

Does having a veteran quarterback that comes in make it easier for him to pick up the offense?
"It all depends. Tom' (Savage) done a good job processing it. Having him in the spring, he was able to get a jump on it and have it all summer. He's played in a pro system now and understands how teams go about calling protections. So, the learning curve for a player like him is a little bit quicker than a rookie."

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