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Quotes from Sean Payton's postgame press conference - Week 9 at Los Angeles Rams

Head coach Sean Payton spoke to the media following the Saints Week 9 game against the Los Angeles Rams

Opening Statement:
"(It was a) Good win, obviously a hard fought win. We had two good teams going back and forth. The momentum shifted the second half in their favor. Credit those guys, they fought back and really came right back into the game. In the end we made enough plays, we won an important game and I'm excited about that."

On composure as the Rams tried to come back:
"I think each week there's instances where the game unfolds differently and today certainly it unfolded in a certain manner, but there is a confidence level in playing in close games. They understand most of the games we are going to play in are really going to be games that come down to the final couple of possessions. Part of that is experience, you gain confidence if you've had successful experiences or experienced some type of success. We have at some point or a few different times during the year. It's just trying to change that momentum shift and obviously the third down with Mike (Michael Thomas) was significant. We kind of caught him in a bracket coverage, they doubled low on Alvin (Kamara), and Mike was freed up. (Michael Thomas) played outstanding today. I wasn't all fired up about the penalty. We'll get that figured out and handled, but he had a good game."

On how to handle play calling during a close game:
"You are constantly working on pictures from the last series. We knew late in that game that we were going to get more five-man rush, more man-to-man (coverage). You are looking at different thoughts going in, what are our best runs when we know we are going to get see a run front. (You) Highlight and cross them off and try to take the approach during halftime. You don't know how the game is going to finish. Defensively they made some stops during the second half and we were just going to approach each series like it was 0-0. There's a little bit of cliché to that but we knew it would be a hard fought game. I felt coming in that we were battle tested and that served us well."

On the fake field goal attempt stop:
"That was a big play. Obviously, (you can) just call it a three or seven-point swing. They knew it was close and it was a huge stop because we just had the turnover. That was significant."

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