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Quotes from Sean Payton's postgame press conference - Week 4 at New York Giants

Head coach Sean Payton spoke to the media following the Saints Week 4 game against the New York Giants

New Orleans Saints vs New York Giants - Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

Q: Opening statement:
A: First off, I thought we played well today in a lot of areas. We felt the battle at the line of scrimmage was going to be important — we felt we won that. We made the big play on special teams, I thought that was important — we stole a possession there. I was proud of how we played defensively — we had one drive, really, the starting drive and then toward the end of the game, but I thought we played one of our better complementary games — time of possession, turnovers, all those things kind of went in our favor, and when you do that, you are probably going to win more than you lose. So, any questions?

Q: Has the running game made strides in every game so far?
A: The first week was a little different, just because of the type of game we were in, but I was pleased tonight. When you can finish the game out like that — that's a pretty good front — and when you can finish the game out when you need to, that was important.

Q: I know how much you were harping earlier this week about the lack of fumbles, and you got two of them…
A: It was significant. Those are points of emphasis, and they are game changers. You get 11 or 12 possessions a game, and then all of the sudden you get one of theirs — with two fumbles, you get two of theirs — and then you get a (fake) punt, that's three possessions more that you had than normal. Those are big plays.

Q: How good was it to see P.J. Williams come up with a big play after some troubles last week?
A: Listen, those guys played well. They played well. It was real good.

Q: Sean, you talk often about players. Obviously, when guys have been traded and go back to their place where they used to play, like Demario Davis coming back here to New Jersey. The game he had today in a place that he is very familiar with — can you comment on that?
A: Well, without having seen the tape, I know he was excited about playing and playing well here. It's not — in fact, it's very common — you pick any game, there is going to be probably a player from either side of the team, but nonetheless it is important. Look, I love coming back here. I spent four real good years here, be it a different stadium, but nonetheless it was right in this same area. It was a good team win. Guys are excited.

Q: You said you stole a possession in the punt game — was that a spur of the moment thing with Taysom Hill, or did you guys see something early?
A: No, we talked. When you run one of those, it is going to have to be in an area where there is some risk. And so, it had come to that possession, Mike (Westhoff) just looked at me and I said, 'Let's do it', and we did it.

Q: Do you feel like the secondary kind of responded to some of the things they needed to address?
A: Yeah, yeah. They are going to make some plays, but I thought we did a good job. Our third down numbers were good. I thought we affected the passer, and all of those things led to the win.

Q: I know we could ask you about him every week, but Alvin Kamara, obviously another big game. Do you ever run out of being wowed by him?
A: Yeah, he is special. He works at it. I thought the offensive line and the defensive line were outstanding. When you can, like I said, finish a game like that on a power play, I'm proud of them. I'm proud of how these guys work. We had a good week of preparation.

Q: Is the returner situation still kind of in flux after some bobbles tonight?
A: No, listen — it's always in flux, yeah — and Ted (Ginn Jr.) was back on the safe hands return, and he struggled with it. Obviously, (Brandon) Tate on the one — he was going a million miles per hour, I didn't know where that ball was bouncing to, but we were fortunate, so yes.

Q: It looked like you gave Demario Davis a big hug when he came off the field at the end. Two sacks today, so what did you like from him in his return to New York?
A: Yeah, I mean you just get excited about being around your players when you win. He's one of those guys that is into it and emotional, and I was excited for him.

Q: What led to the increase for Taysom (Hill) on offense?
A: Just plays we like. Different types of play designs and just things that I think he does well.

Q: Did it have anything to do with the Giants maybe being susceptible to some of that zone read stuff?
A: It's a tough scheme to defend, period, so each week we'll have a few different looks.

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