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Quotes from Sean Payton's postgame press conference - Preseason Game 4 vs Los Angeles Rams

Head coach Sean Payton spoke to the media following the Saints final preseason game 

New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Rams - Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

Opening Statement
"We finished the preseason well tonight, and we played with some good energy. We finished the preseason well on both sides of the ball. I was encouraged by that. We were winning the line of scrimmage battle which is good regardless which game it is and who you are playing. We played with good emotion. I thought offensively, defensively, special teams (all) did well, being able to block a punt rushing six guys. I thought that was encouraging."

On Nate Stupar:
"I thought he played with energy. He got a dumb penalty, on fourth and four, which can't happen. He had an interception and we will look at the tape. There were some good things and some things we have to correct." 

On if players can make the 53-man roster after the fourth preseason game based on their performance in that contest:
"Absolutely, or else we wouldn't play them. I mean this is the last course of your test, so it counts. Now for some guys not as much or not at all, but for a lot of guys it counts. We are trying to find that running back. We are trying to find out how our backup depth will be for the offensive line, and special teams is going to be important." 

On Cameron Meredith tonight:
"One of the goals was to get him 25-35 snaps to get him involved and it's been good." 

On the reason for adding Teddy Bridgewater:
"We think as a player he can help us. We're interested in any player who can help us get better as a team. His skillset paired well and the big thing was him being able to overcome his injury and help us get better. On the field his evaluation and off the field there are a lot of ties to this player, Mike Zimmer, myself, and Coach (Bill) Parcells. He is an outstanding kid, well he is not a kid anymore, but he has a great football IQ and we liked how he played in the preseason. We think a player like that is valuable and we are excited to have him." 

On improving the quarterback backup situation
"I think you have a chance to get a double talented player who is accurate. Man, a lot happened to (Bridgewater) in a short period of time. If you really look at his ascension in Minnesota, year two he is in the playoffs and they are a field goal away from advancing to the next round. The following year he gets an injury and the team has success and then all of sudden he is on a different roster. The (Jets) then draft a quarterback (Sam Darnold) who is a good player. So, I like this player and we wouldn't play him if we didn't think he was someone who could help our team."

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