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Quotes from Sean Payton's postgame press conference - Preseason Game 2 vs Arizona Cardinals

Head coach Sean Payton spoke to the media following their second preseason game 

New Orleans Saints vs Arizona Cardinals - Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

Opening Statement:
"I thought obviously when you turn the ball over as much as we did offensively, you're going to have trouble playing well or even getting a sense of how you do as a team. We put our defense on the field in some tough field positions. I thought we ran the ball fairly efficiently. I thought defensively we handled the run for the most part. I thought we struggled throwing the ball offensively. I thought we struggled covering the pass defensively."

On initial impressions of Taysom (Hill) tonight:
"I think it was a tough night for him. He can't get stuck holding on to the ball and take the sack/fumbles like that. I think he will rebound and be better."

On what he saw out of Jonathan Williams:
"He didn't have as many opportunities, but I saw some good runs. I thought that second group of guys all had some productive runs and even when Mark (Ingram II) was in there, we did a pretty good job. So we will look at the tape and I thought the tape was solid.

On if he was trying to give Ingram more work than he typically would in a preseason game because of his upcoming suspension:

On Andrus Peat receiving some quality reps:
"It is good to see him back on the field and that was important for us. It is good (for our team) to stay healthy for the most part. It was good to see him receiving some work."

On if it was good for Cameron Meredith to see some action:
"Yes, he was ready. (It) Wasn't all good, but it was good to see him out there.

On how he'd assess the starting defense this game versus how they did in the first:
"We will see. We'll look at the tape and probably have a better feel (for it) tomorrow. I thought there were some good things. I did not think we protected the pass very well. We are still playing bunched and some of the tight releases poorly, just fundamentally not well. We have to do a better job collectively not just the players, but coaches and myself and correct some of the mistakes that took place. Not just defensively, but offensively. Our tempo needs to be better.

On receiver play being off from last week:
"It's in the details. And listen, we have to ask ourselves if we are asking the right guys to do it or are we asking them to do too much. But I think it is really sloppy, honestly."

On Brandon Tate and his big return:
"It was good to see. I think our special teams played pretty well. I thought we were physical and I thought they played pretty well."

On evaluating sloppy play without Drew Brees playing in the game:
"Let's not kid ourselves here. And I say this with all due respect, but there are a number of guys that are not playing snaps but at some point we still have to evaluate the individual players. Next week we are playing guys. At some point we need to see where we are as a team but there is that fine line of trying to get the work in, trying to get the reps in, trying to get the evaluation in. We're trying to come up with what we think's the best 53. That's what weighs on our minds, that's what weighs on my mind right now, trying to find the right 53 for this team. Look, every time we go out here and play one of these preseason games we get a little more exposure to not just the good, but also get exposure to some of the things we're hoping not to see. But we have to pay attention to that."

On the young defensive lineman following up last week's performance:
"I think pretty well. Look, I thought in the second half, defensively, we did really well."

On whether Boston Scott showed anything:
"Yes, he did a good job. He had a good punt return and he had some good jukes in the running game. We wanted to give him more carries tonight than he had received last week. One of the things we are working with him as a returner but the thing that caught our eye was him with the ball in his hands as a runner. I thought he did some good things. Terrence West had a really good run. Those guys are all competing and working out."

On the kick return unit providing good blocks:
"It is. Considering we are two weeks into this adjustment with Mike (Westhoff), with Brad (Banta) and Kevin (O'dea), those guys have done a good job of kind of working through some of the spacing and then trying to find the right guys so hopefully that can continue."

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