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Quotes from Sean Payton's Post Practice Media Availability - July 31

Coach Sean Payton spoke with the media on Sunday, July 31


You seemed to have increased the physicality of today's practice. Did you get what you wanted out of it?
"Yes. I thought it was better in some areas. I thought it was better from a run defense standpoint. The one live period we had earlier in practice was good. Yesterday, there were a handful of plays that were not as good, so I thought they came back and responded well. Overall, I thought it was a better practice."

You did not usually have live practices like this in West Virginia, other than in particular segments, such as on the goal line. What caused the change?
"Typically, we tried to take a segment live, not the whole practice. Certainly, goal line is one period that's hard to just walk through or go half speed on. In the run situations, when you have a period like that, if you handle it the right way, it is football. For us to receive the best evaluation, we want to be able to see if the touches constitute tackles, what kind of gains they are, and how well a player fits. How is his technique? How's the pad level? It's really the game that we're going to be evaluating when they start playing."

Do you see Trey Hendrickson as someone who can play inside and outside on the defensive line?
"Right now, he's working on the outside. There may be a role on an inside sub-rush. We're working him at defensive end. We'll take a peek at a handful of those guys, when it comes to the nickel rushes and how they handle it inside against the guards and center."

It seems like Ryan Ramczyk has gotten a high percentage of the first-team reps. Is that something he has earned, or do you just need the evaluation?
"He and Khalif Barnes are working there. Khalif has a lot of experience, so we are trying to see where his performance is. We look every night at the total number of snap counts and the percentage of snaps they receive. A lot of those linemen are receiving a hair more snaps than players at other positions on the roster are receiving. I do not know if that is unusual. We are trying to see what (Ramczyk) can do."

What is the early review of Ramczyk in pads?
"He has been pretty good. He has picked things up. He is smart. There are some things he has to work on, but it is a position he has played before. So far, he has handled the transition well, after not really being involved in the spring."

Are you concerned about how challenging the shotgun snaps were today?
"Absolutely I am. It was an issue yesterday. There were a handful of them today that went wrong. The first thing that you have to be able to do when you are a center is snap the ball. Obviously, we have to function in the shotgun. We will get that corrected."

Does that make you realize how much you miss Max Unger?
"When you have a starter out, you want him back in. In the meantime, the other guys have to do their jobs."

With Brandon Coleman*, we have talked before about his play, but mentally, have you noticed any changes with him or his confidence?*
"Your confidence comes from demonstrated ability, so that can happen during this evaluation period. We have seen it happen with players. It goes back and forth. You can think that you can do it and want to do it, yet if you have not, until you have done it and repeated it, (your confidence doesn't grow). I think we're seeing that a little bit with him."

Hau'oli Kikaha has been rushing in pads for a few days. What have you thought of his performance?
"It is good to have him back healthy. I am sure he has some things to fix after being away for as long as he was, things he is going to work on. We will have a chance, as we get closer and get into more of these situations, where we can see him in the one-on-one rush and the team rush. Obviously, he is a guy that is a run-and-pursuit player. He feels healthy. The first battle is just to get the snaps and get onto the field, so he is doing a good job with that."

What have you seen from Larry Warford so far?
"He is a pretty stable, consistent guy. He has been a good addition for us. He is tough. He is battling through a few aches. He is pretty heavy-handed, too, which I think is a good thing for a guard."

How much of a relief is it that you are not going through another kicker battle?
"I do not know that it is a relief. There is some consistency there, yet Thomas Morstead was just okay today at practice. I think he would tell you that. We will see as camp progresses if we want to bring another kicker or punter in."

How has Wil Lutz looked compared to last year?
"So far, he has looked solid."

What happened on the last play of practice? Was Brandon Coleman ruled down?
"I probably did a poor job. When you are not bringing a player to the ground, sometimes it is hard to say whether or not he would have been short of the target. I was getting ready to make a ruling, and then I had some help from the sidelines that I encouraged. That kind of threw a monkey into that situation. We figured it out."

Did that end the drill?
"It was the last play of the drill, and it was a question of whether or not he got seven yards. He was touched before he got seven. There was some question as to whether he would have been tackled."

What was the ruling?
"The ruling was a push. I am the one that has to run."

We saw Marshon Lattimore leave early. What is going on with him?
"We will see. I am sure that he has something nicked up, whether it is a matter of hydration or something else. We will keep you updated. We are not really going to go into injuries."

Can you say if Delvin Breaux*'s departure was injury-related?*
"Yes, obviously. If a guy is not out here practicing—if a guy leaves camp, I will tell you. If something happens transaction-wise, (I will tell you). I am not going to go through why each guy has missed half a practice or a full practice. I am not going to do it. It would take forever. We will get an injury report once the season starts."

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