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Quotes from Sean Payton's Aug. 16 media availability

Coach Payton met with the media following Wednesday's practice

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton2017 Training Camp Presented By VerizonWednesday, August 16, 2017

Opening Statement

"Today was more offense, (and) defense. We will be in pads tomorrow and I think Friday the plan is to be in helmets and shells. Saturday will be more of a walkthrough leading into the game." 

Can you clarify the Delvin Breaux situation?

"He's flying to Green Bay. Dr. Anderson is going to do a surgery on his leg. The smaller bone, the fibula has a fracture sight right below where his initial plate was. The old plate will come off, they will put a new plate on and secure that. The timeline will be approximately six weeks with the fibula." 

Is that more dangerous or different because it's a second time?

"I don't think it's either. In other words, they're fairly simple to heal. If you're going to have a fracture, the fibula is one that is a little easier with the ability to plate it and rehab it. Different than a tibia or something that would be a much longer time frame. Fortunately, it's not in the joint, it's just below where his prior injury was." 

Is there a reason why the diagnosis for this was different?

"The initial diagnosis was a negative when they looked at the scans. They certainly X-rayed, did a CT Scan and there was nothing that they were able to see. Then gradually throughout the two-week period, it became more clear. Fortunately, the other day in the second opinion, he was able to see something more significant and that's a setback. Obviously, it's disappointing for him but more importantly something that slowed down the progress."

When you look at players often getting a second medical opinion, how crucial is it that you get the first opinion right within the organization?

"You're always trying to give the best opinion possible. It's one of those positions with every team there's always that level of importance to come up with the right opinion. For years, those guys have done a great job. Yet, there's a point in which we just felt as an organization that change was going to be necessary for us. We will be in the process of going through different candidates and who we think (we should hire).

Do you stay within the Ochsner organization?

It's separate, it's not tied. That search would be a) short-term, now and b) would be a long term solution. Our tie to Oschner is fantastic, so it is separate in regards to what we're looking for and who we're looking for. 

What do you do in the short-term with going to LA?

This very trip we will work with the Chargers orthopedic personnel and that works because we're practicing with another team. Obviously, if we weren't then we would have someone on hand ourselves. 

Do you have a timetable you would like to do this?

No, I think Mickey (Loomis) will handle it. There will be a series of interviews and making sure we look at the whole litany of candidates. 

How unusual would you say this whole situation is?

I think it's not unusual periodically to over time have a second opinion and maybe change the course of the direction you're going. This one is a little unique in that it deals with more specifically with an area that initially showed up negative and then later became more pronounced through the rehab process. I think periodically, I told our team, there are times when this happens with a player eventually a decision is made and the club moves on. When it happens with a coach the same thing applies and certainly that umbrella of the confidence level in other areas applies as well. It's a competitive business, it's part of the NFL.

Did it change how you view Delvin?

No, he's been really diligent. I know, speaking for him, which I don't want to do, he wants to get healthy where he can get out there and compete. I certainly was pushing him based on the information that I was given. He's going to have the surgery I believe tomorrow and then quickly get into rehab. Anderson is a guy who has always been in Charlotte, just recently moved up to Green Bay. He is someone who will do the procedure. 

Is that the source of the frustration, you were pushing him because you were going off a certain opinion?

You're always looking for the right information. But I think it's not one event. It probably builds up overtime. You're not going to bat 1,000 here but, you're just hoping that more often than not you're receiving the right information. 

You mentioned pushing Delvin when he thought he was more hurt than the doctors told him. Are you worried about how the team receives that relationship?

"We had a good visit last night. I think what everyone wants, the team, the coaches, and everyone wants that high level of accountability to be successful."

It sounds like what you're describing is more radiology than orthopedic. Is that right or is it a combination of both and does the radiologist have to see it?

"It's a bone. He will give a reading which was negative. There is going to be a series of eyes that go on something like this. Quite honestly, that reading was made by a number of specialists. It just came up negative. It was one of those that was hard to see and then it became more pronounced."

Have you talked with Delvin since the recheck?

"I haven't since the recheck, but I'm sure he and I will visit."

Do you consider Delvin's incident an isolated incident? Would you want to go back and reevaluate other guys who have been having health issues?

"I think in his case it is isolated. You are as a team constantly doing your best to make sure we are receiving the right information. It's very normal for us. I would definitely always push for second and third opinions anytime you're dealing with a significant injury. I think that would be pretty common. Anytime you make a change, it's never easy as an organization and it's something I know we felt was necessary."

What are the chances of Marshon Lattimore playing this Sunday?

"Hopefully, pretty good. We have to be smart with regards to a pitch count and how many plays he is in. We are optimistic that he is going to receive some good work in this week and be able to play."

Is he a full go at this point?

"Yes other than we would probably list him as limited just because he's coming back without playing here in a week and a half. His rehab has gone well and he will receive work in this week and in the game."

What about Ted Ginn Jr.?

"We will see. I plan on playing him. That's the plan like it was a week ago."

How important is this camp and this season for Brandon Coleman?

"I think he's one of those guys where we've seen really good things in this camp. He's going to receive plenty of reps. He did last week. He was one of those guys that got quite a few. He's going well so it's important."

With these inter-squad practices, can you get a different or better evaluation than even a preseason game or is it totally different?

"I think It's similar and you receive a chance to get Thursday, Friday, and Saturday which would be more of a walkthrough. It's certainly an additionally evaluation from just the game. The reps you're receiving with certain starters that you might not get in the game, absolutely you can. It always to be a little bit more flexible when the game comes in regards to how you want to rotate your players."

Can you and the other head coach set up how you all handle and scheme the practice?

"Yes. Everything's laid out. You name it, we've discussed the positions on the field, situations, personnel, and the drills. Everything from down and distance to you name, it has been exchange and scripted. I would say today they have the personnel we are going to be in and we have theirs for the next three days, and what the emphasis is, and more importantly what we want to get out of this drill in pads. What do we want to get out of a walkthrough on Saturday for instance. All those are laid out and discussed."

What is the competition like at defensive tackle?

"There's two elements to it. There is first and second down or your base, and then there is a rush element too when you're in your substituted defenses. I think we have a lot of different competitions there. We have the addition of some players like John Hughes III. I think we have good competition and I think we're going to get a chance this week to see a little bit more. You will see a different offense than they are used to seeing. We will see a different defense than we are used to seeing just from how they play and the scheme they play."

Can Tyler Davison keep that spot?

"He's competing for it. He's taking reps with the ones at nose tackle. I think he's healthy. A year ago he was battling. He played throughout the year, but not 100 percent. He's someone who is having a good camp."




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