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Quotes from Sean Payton media availability at Saints Training Camp presented by Verizon 8/12/18

Saints head coach addressed the media following Sunday's practice

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
2018 Training Camp Presented By Verizon
Sunday, August 12, 2018

Opening Statement
"We were still with an A schedule. We had another install today. We tried to get some movement of the ball and get some periods in, where we're just spotting it. We're trying to create a little bit more of a game tempo. They handled the heat pretty well. We'll have a chance to look at the tape and get going."

Can you discuss today's transactions?
"We signed defensive backs Robert Nelson and Marcus Williams. We waived guard Trevor Darling and cornerback De'Vante Harris. We're still at 90 right now."

How are you working Andrus Peat back?
"He had team drills yesterday and two or three snaps today. There's a phrase, we kind of ramp them up, so each day we gradually increase a load. Then we'll back off a day, and then do the same. He's doing well. He's on schedule and we will have a chance to look at the film. (It's) Good to have him back out here taking reps with the first group. When you look at a few of our guys with injuries, like Alex (Okafor), Andrus (Peat), and Cam (Meredith), those guys are coming along well."

What was going on with that race out on the field?
"Well we had a little competition there. What we found is that motorized dummies do not move too fast on the grass. Now in the indoor facility they do. It was a little rookie offense and defensive lineman competition."

Is that a selling point that the dummy is supposed to run a 4/7 40?
"The dummy is supposed to run more like a five and change but it's not for the grass turf. It's for the dirt track. It can't go inside, so it's not a mudder. It's fast inside. We might have to redo it under better conditions, but I thought they (rookie lineman) handled things well."

Was there anything on the line for the two guys that ran?
"Yeah, a little bit. We'll get it to you. We'll have a meeting today and go though. Maybe we'll have a video of it, the Chariots of Fire."

How is Jonathan Williams coming along?
"He's doing well. I thought he played well in the game and (with) his reps. I thought he's had some good practices. He's a guy with good vision. He'll get what's blocked (yardage). We just have to keep giving him those opportunities. He's doing well."

Is he a guy that can contribute catching passes out of the backfield?
"To some degree. That's not his forte, I would say. He is a guy that does a handful of things well."

Is the battle for the special teams kick return/punt return position starting to become more clear?
"No. We're not even halfway through camp yet. We have played one preseason game, so we have, hopefully, a lot of return opportunities to where it is clear to all of us. Right now, it is early. These guys are working on it and we'll keep looking. It's not just this line. You hear me say this, it is the other 31 rosters, possibly as well. These guys are working hard at it."

Is there something about (Natrell) Jamerson that would lend his skillset?
"He's returned kicks at Wisconsin, so he's receiving some work there."

How has he been doing as a corner?
"Pretty good. It's been better the last five days."

Did you work out the issues lining up on offense?
"We'll see. We've been working on them and trying to increase the sense of urgency. If it repeatedly keeps happening, after a while we have to look at (if it's) too much or we're just not capable at a certain position or have a player to do. But, we'll keep pressing them."

Veteran corner, Marcus Williams, is that a guy that you've had some familiarity with, because of his time in the league?
"All these guys have had some time. We worked him out the other day. If we work someone out, we'll have a writeup. We'll have a reading before the workout. In other words, the pro evaluators will tell us where they've been, what they've done (and) what the vision is. We'll have to work out. We'll discuss after the workout what we saw, and then make a decision. Yes, we're more familiar with him just because he's played. All of them have a little bit of a background."

Are you seeing what you expected from Jermon Bushrod?
"Yes. I like the fact that he's healthy. I think he's moving well. I think he is someone who's always had good athleticism. Overall, his body is feeling well and that's important where he's at, yearswise with his experience."

What made you want to keep Devaroe (Lawrence) last year when he was hurt?
"We saw enough. We felt that if he could get healthy that we had an athlete. We felt we had someone that had strength. He's worked hard in the offseason and in his recovery, so we were able to (keep him around)."

Has he (Devaroe Lawrence) been able to build off that first preseason game?
"Yes. He's receiving a lot of reps and he will receive more as we continue to go. He is in the heat of competition. I think we are pretty deep in a few of those positions inside, so he is competing."

How much are you planning on using that tackling dummy?
"Not a whole lot."

Is there any correlation between teams that go on long winning streaks that make the play-offs as opposed to teams that go 2-1-2-1?
"Generally, the teams that make the playoffs have a stretch of three or more. Know there's no 2-1-2- 1's that are getting in. There's a stretch where you begin to win, and you probably win a few close games in that stretch, as well. A two-minute element finishing the half, and finishing the game is important. So many of your games come down to defending a score, a field goal or having to get one. Those two things I think show up."

Is Taylor Stallworth a guy that's jumped out at you a lot?
"Yes, he has. He's doing well. He's right there. He's competing. He's doing well."

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