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Quotes from Sean Payton following the Week 16 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers

Head coach Sean Payton spoke to the media following the Saints' week 16 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, Dec. 23

"Obviously an exciting win against a good team. A real good team. The game went back and forth. We expect it to be something that was hard fought. (We) Ending up winning (it) in to the fourth quarter. The momentum kind of shifted obviously. We had it early. They had it most of the second half and then we were able to get it back and secure the win."

On thoughts of resting starters next week:
"We'll see."

On the emotion of earning the first seed for the second time in franchise history:
"These wins are something you get addicted to. The thrill of it though is that feeling of the week is a grind. There is a lot of work that goes in to it. Obviously it's more difficult when you put in those hours in practice and you don't have that immediate feedback with a win. That's what makes it more difficult, but when you (are) able to get a win. It's hard to get that feeling out of your system once you start. That's one thing these guys have done a good job with. Coming up with plays when we needed it. We've won a lot of different ways this year. I'm proud of this team. Man, they showed a great resolve. Dealt with injuries. We dealt with all the adversity that you might have in a long season and it's kind of the second step if you will. Winning the division is a goal that you set at the beginning of the year and certainly helping your seed out."

On the defense:
"(The last defensive play was) a big time play. It's a really good offense. We knew statistically, it was going to be a game that you had to handle situations in an aggressive way because it was a team that conversely was going to be able to score and we ran out those plays."

On the increase in forced fumbles and fumble recoveries by the defense this season:
"Listen. It's not just accident. It's just not coincidence. When you don't get them it's not an accident either. So I think it's credit to the coach(es) and players for hustling. But I think it's part of our jobs."

On the fake punt attempt by Pittsburgh and stopping it:
"It's a big play. It was close. When the one guy goes in motion, you start looking. And I had an angle where. But it was the second time this year, you know, in big games (where the fake punt was stopped), against the Rams also."

On if he was expecting that fake punt:
"Not necessarily, no. I mean, you go in to a game like that and you cover the shifts, the motions and you still have to defend it and it was a good play."

On impressions of the team's ability to win in diverse situations this season:
"I just said, we have won in different ways. It's a hard league. It's tough each week. These guys are a really good opponent. The team that really has been in some close games. I'm talking about Pittsburgh. It was a good win."

On the big catches in the fourth quarter today by Ted Ginn Jr.:
"It's a testament to him. Going through the scope (surgery). Kind of right there at the end, feeling like, man is this going to be it? The results were good. They felt positive that he would be able to come back and he helped us today."

On the difference in play-calling when Ginn is back playing:
"There is a presence with him. He can run obviously. We had him down the field on a double move earlier, we just did not hold up in the protection. But yes, he's a threat. He is also someone that the guys believe in. The third down call. That play he makes. The throw Drew makes, it was great sack protection. It was a significant play. When you are looking at about 4 or 5 of them, that was one of them."

On the advantage of playing at home in the playoffs:
"We'll see. Listen, it's more of an advantage than going on the road, but it's good to play at home. We feel like we have a good home-field advantage, but it's still about executing and all of the details that go in to winning. We play well on the road as well."

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