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Quotes from Saints players following the Week 9 game against the Los Angeles Rams

New Orleans Saints players recap their Week 9 game against the Los Angeles Rams

WR Michael Thomas

On the touchdown:
"My number was called. The play presented itself. I made a play for my team. I live for those types of moments. It's a blessing. I thank God for letting me be on the end of that play to help my team put that game away."

RB Alvin Kamara

On the big win:
"It's huge. We are fully capable. We play how we play and focus on us. We are focused on the Saints. We are not focused on any outside noise."

On fighting adversity:
"We are focused on us. We are only worried about the track that we are on. There is no derailing this train."

On the touchdown run on the left side:
"It was good blocking. Sometimes plays stretch out longer than they need to. I just tried to keep it alive. I squeezed in there somehow."

RB Mark Ingram

On beating the Rams today:
"We believe in ourselves. We believe in each other not matter what arises in the game. We believe we can overcome anything. That is a great team. They have a good coaching staff. Give them credit. We are worried about ourselves and what we can do to improve."

On the defensive stop after his fumble in the first half:
"That was huge. They were able to get a big fourth down stop. I am thankful for those guys for having my back. At the end of the day, that's what it is all about. We believe in each other. We have each other's back no matter what. I appreciate the defense for that."

DE Cameron Jordan

On the defense:
"They have a high-powered offense. We are trying to stop Todd Gurley. I don't know what he ended up with but it seems like we did a pretty good job in the run defense part. I think he broke four big ones. That's something that we need to focus on."

On winning the game:
"That was the most important game because it was the game in front of us. We have an important game coming up next week. We have to go travel, go to an enemy's territory and get a win out there. As much as I would like to start focusing on them, we have to break down this film."

On the second quarter stops and their importance:
"That turned the tide in our favor. We talk about the ability of our defense to make those turnovers. That's what we were emphasizing all week. We let them get a couple of big plays that we would like to take back, but we have another week to make those corrections. We have another week to try to play a perfect game. As for this one, we got a turnover and made a couple of stops."

LB Alex Anzalone

On the the crowd:
"Playing at home is a huge advantage. It's awesome in these big games."

On capitalizing on his interception today:
"Coach Westhoff always says get the ball to Michael Jordan (Drew Brees). If you get the ball to him in good field position, then we are bound to score some points. We have to get the ball to him. Coach Payton has the offense dialed up and they have a good gameplan. We just have to get the ball to him."

On the interception:
"It was a normal cross route. It's a play that a lot of teams hit, but I was able to read the quarterbacks eyes, break on the ball and make a play."

LB Demario Davis

On the the touchdown:
"I keep telling everybody that's why I came here. He is a GOAT (Greatest of All Time). He feels good being on the sideline knowing that GOAT has the ball. I tell the defense all of the time that we just have to get one stop. It's like giving the ball to Michael Jordan with the game on the line. Don't worry about it. We are in good hands. You can't ask for anything better than that."

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