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Quotes from Saints players following the Week 7 game against the Baltimore Ravens

New Orleans Saints players recap their Week 7 game against the Baltimore Ravens

TE Benjamin Watson

On beating the Ravens here in Baltimore:
"That was a crazy game, but winning on the road, in this hostile environment, is a big win for us. This builds confidence. We respect the Ravens, and we knew this would be a tough game."

On catching Drew Brees' 500th touchdown pass:
"Anything I can do to further his records, the happier I am. You never know how a game is going to go, you just have to be ready for anything. I was thrilled to catch the 500th touchdown pass, but this is the kind of guy Drew Brees is. He wanted me to keep the ball, and said 'I am not keeping this.' So, he did take it."

On the Saints going for a first down on a fourth down as much as they did:
"That's who our coach, Sean Payton, is. We were playing a very good opponent on the road, and he likes to take chances. It builds our confidence and turned out well for us."

On the missed extra point:
"We were excited when he missed that. He is a great, great kicker. When I was playing in Baltimore, I know he won plenty of games for us. We respect him a great deal."

K Wil Lutz

On winning this game:
"It's nice to come back here. The Ravens are the guys that gave me a chance. It's not easy to play here, and this is a huge win for us, and we're on cloud nine."

On the missed extra point:
"Justin [Tucker] is a guy who would never miss an extra point. I will say, the conditions out there were pretty brutal, especially in the first half. I told Sean [Payton], I could try anything with the wind at my back, up to 50 yards. But everyone knows, Justin [Tucker] is one of the best kickers of all time, and it was just a tough day at the office for him."

RB Alvin Kamara

On the Saints' rushing game:
"I thought we did a good job. How many yards did we get today? I don't know the answer myself, but we got enough, and we got the 'W.'"

On his touchdown run:
"It was a nasty run, and a lot of them were today. The O-line handled its business up front, and I burrowed right behind them and got in there."

On the four fourth-down attempts on the first drive:
"We just talked about being aggressive, and [head coach] Sean [Payton] dialed it up aggressively. We just fed off the energy. Four fourth-down conversions, that's kind of like, odd. But, hey, that's the way we play. We wanted to impose our will."

RB Alvin Kamara/RB Mark Ingram II

On Saints' offense versus Ravens' defense:
Kamara: "We won, so I really don't care. It is what it is. I think we're the best offense. I don't know about their defense, but they're pretty good." Ingram: "That is a really good defense over there, no doubt about it. Great front, great coaching, really tough. Probably the best one we've faced all year."

On the Ravens' missed extra point:
Ingram: "When [Ravens' K Justin Tucker] missed it, I thought, 'Let's get up and get out of here.' I mean, that guy is good, so I was shocked." Kamara: "Yeah man, let's go. It's cool. Let's get up and get out of here as fast as we can before they change their minds."

On QB Drew Brees:
Ingram: "Yeah, that's why he's the G.O.A.T. He's a Hall of Famer for a reason." Kamara: "I almost want to be like, 'Don't ask me any more questions about Drew. We all know Drew is amazing.' But like Mark [Ingram] said, he's a special player. He makes special plays, and he does it every game. There's nothing that surprises us anymore; nothing we don't expect."

On facing the Ravens' defensive front:
Ingram: "We knew it was going to be dirty. We knew we were going to have some dirty runs. They have a great front. We just stayed with it. We were able to get that going in the fourth quarter, gash them a couple times. We knew it was going to be a dirty game, and we just kept wearing on them, wearing on them. We just moved the ball, maintained our composure, time of possession, converted on third down and made the plays we were supposed to to get the 'W.'" Kamara: "Can't wait to get back to New Orleans and celebrate this one. It's a big win against a great defense in a tough game in a tough environment."

On the Saints' offensive live:
Ingram: "They played great. They held their own against a great front. The big hogs in front of us did their job. They did the dirty work."

On the resiliency of the Saints' offense:
Kamara: "We always talk about competing. It's not over until zeroes are on the clock. We know we can move the ball fast and score points fast, so we don't get up on ourselves when we're ahead and down on ourselves when we're behind." Ingram: "It's all about the next play. Each play has a life of its own, and no matter what happens on that play, we move onto the next one. We're some savages, man, and we go for it. We don't care what the circumstances are. The point is, we're going to try to get the 'W' no matter what it takes, no matter what we have to do."

On if they were aware that the Ravens' defense had not given up a second half touchdown:
Kamara: "We were aware of all of that." Ingram: "We were aware they were 13-0 when leading at the half. Now they're 13-1." Kamara: "Yeah, when they're up at the half, they don't lose, but not no more. But, we don't really get into that too much. We just play our game. That's a good team, though." Ingram: "That's a really good team. Good team, good coaching. They don't take anything from anybody. Really good program, and it's a great win for us."

On the Saints' ability to come back:
Kamara: "We just focus on us. We're not focused on the scoreboard, not on the other team and what they're doing. We just focus on us, what we have to do to be successful. When we get down, it doesn't really matter. We're playing to win, and when we get down, we just lock back in and focus on what we've got to do to get it going. Everybody on this team has the same mentality. We just have to do the things we set out to do to be successful."

G Larry Warford

On QB Drew Brees' performance today:
"Drew [Brees] is absolutely unbelievable. One of the greatest competitors in the game, and he never gives up. When we need him, he always comes up with a big play. Even despite all the pressure, he was able to get it done today in key situations. It's a blessing to have him leading the team."

On Brees never having beaten the Ravens:
"He doesn't get caught up in that kind of stuff ever. It's like some kind of mysticism. All he cares about is next team up, and all the focus he puts on them, not on numbers, not on personal accolades. He's out here just trying to win a game, execute our gameplan, and we all did it."

WR Michael Thomas

On the reaction to the missed extra point:
"The good guys won. The game played out like it did, and we fought to the end against a great opponent. I'm just happy to help Drew [Brees] get that victory; for [Jermon] Bushrod too. It's a strong brotherhood, and we are just trying to win games."

On it being a hard-fought game:
"We knew what we were up against. We knew their defense was strong. We knew in order for us to win that we had to eliminate the mistakes and execute at a high level and get off to a fast start; all the things coach [Sean Payton] preached to us all week. We did that, we got the victory and that's what happened."

On his third-down catch with 1:24 left in the 3rd Qtr.:
"It was uncharacteristic of me today, having a couple drops. I had to respond for my team. They know they don't expect thirteen to be on the field, getting thrown the ball and dropping it. They expect me to move the chains. You practice what you preach. I had to fight down hard, respond and make some plays."

On his touchdown catch:
"Jimmy [Smith] is a great competitor. We were competing all day. I just executed on it; running a great route. Drew [Brees] had trust in me and I made a play for my teammates."

DE Alex Okafor

On the winning effort:
"It was ugly; a back-and-forth affair. There were mistakes on both sides of the ball. To come on the road against a good team like the Ravens, that's all we can ask for. I don't care how it unfolded. As long as you get the win, that's all that matters. All week, we talked about how the more physical team was going to win. I think we showed today that we were the more physical team. That's what it came down to."

On the comeback effort:
"We've been down before and nobody panicked. We knew we were in striking distance. We just knew on defense, personally, we had to get a few stops. We couldn't come back without a few stops and that's what we got. You get a couple stops and our offense is capable at any time of striking, and that's what happened."

On the front seven effort:
"Coming in, we said, 'We have to stop the run,' and that was our main priority. After we stop the run, we can start getting after them. I thought we did fairly well against the run. They hit us a couple of times early, but we tightened up in the end. As far as the pass rush is concerned, we weren't getting the hits we wanted but we were getting consistent pressure. That's something you have to see on film. When we did have the opportunity, we converted, and we're happy about that."

DE Cameron Jordan

On the week's preparation to get a road win:
"We've been preaching all week about how aggressive we needed to be, not only on defense but also on offense with them, going up against what was ranked the number one defense in the NFL. We knew we were going to be aggressive. I didn't know we would make that many fourth-down efforts. I loved it, especially how successful we were at running them. When you come down to it, not every game is going to be a clean win, but we'll take every win we can get."

On why he loved the aggressive play calling:
"The Ravens offense tries to play some bully ball; it's fast paced. The defense is full of bullies, and they're arrogant. It was going to be a hell of a battle, and we were ready for the war."

On winning the game after trailing by ten:
"I think we played a phenomenal first half. We set out and accomplished all the goals we wanted to, except for the last 45 seconds of the half. We started the second half renewed, re-energized and got the ball back to our offense. From that point, we clearly won. A win is a win."

On whether the missed extra point was a break for the team:
"I don't know. When you say 'break,' I feel like there was a random penalty, which restarted that drive and maybe would of stopped the touchdown [drive]. But ok, breaks are breaks; your word, not mine. It's the NFL. You've got to play all four quarters all the way through. You can't take a play off. You didn't see that one coming."

QB Taysom Hill

On the win:
"Getting a road win is not easy in the NFL. We were playing to win a football game, not to just come in and hope for the best. That's Coach [Sean] Payton's history. He's put personnel and coaches around him that have the same mentality, which creates opportunities for us as players. We capitalized on some and missed on a few. Ultimately, we got the win."

On the missed extra point:
"We know what a good kicker [Justin Tucker] is. We were trying to make something happen, get some penetration, because we had gotten some before earlier in the game. I was just as shocked as everyone else to see him miss. I know his history and that never happened. I didn't see it until the ball was past the uprights. We just started celebrating. It was a good feeling."

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