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Quotes from Saints players following the Week 2 game against the Cleveland Browns

New Orleans Saints players recap their Week 2 game against the Cleveland Browns

Running back Alvin Kamara

On his play in the fourth quarter:
"We just started running the ball. I feel like we have the best offensive line in the league. We got some good looks. They handled their business upfront."

On the sluggish first three quarters:
"We have to hold on to the ball. We shot ourselves in the foot. We aren't blaming anybody. We know what the issue is and we just need to get it corrected."

On the ugly win today:
"It is a win. A win is a win. We are going to go get it corrected. We will watch the film tomorrow. Get it corrected and move forward."

On if they are stopping themselves:
"We are shooting ourselves in the foot. It's a faceless opponent. We don't care who we play. We are playing against the Saints. We know how we prepare. We put on film what we can do. When we do things like fumble the ball, then it puts a damper on what we are trying to do."

Kicker Wil Lutz

On his performance:
"It's about bouncing back. It wasn't the best performance. You can't miss two in a row and survival mode is a bit of a real thing. Everything went smooth (on the final kick)."

On being the hero or the goat in this league in terms of a tough day for Zane Gonzalez missing two field goal attempts and two PAT attempts:
"It's a nasty, nasty business when it comes to that. I hate it for him. He's one heck of a kicker. I know him personally. He's done an amazing job every time I've been around him. I really hate that for him. It is the nature of the business. (Yet) I am really glad we got the win."

On feeling pressure for the last kick:
"It's a big kick. When you miss (one earlier), it is always in the back of your head. You always have to go out and make the next one. I'm pretty sure whenever I miss one that I come back and make the next one.

Defensive end Cameron Jordan

On today's game and how it turned out:
"That's one that you go into knowing they are a team that balled out with the Steelers. Going into this game, we were facing Tyrod Taylor who led the Bills to the playoffs. He's a quarterback that's a threat when he is in the backfield. He can do a lot of things with the ball. I feel like we played a solid first half (on defense). We came back and got the win."

On Cleveland not being the same team as last year:
"You add in Jarvis (Landry), Carlos Hyde. They've upgraded for sure on offense. I don't know their situation (on defense), but they have a potent offense."

On their resiliency:
"You have ultimate faith in Drew (Brees) and the offense. We have the confidence to come back. I'm still not happy about some things. At the end of the day, you still have to do your job. I feel like we let a big play happen at the end of the game that could have cost us. We're happy to get the win, but at the same time we have a lot to clean up."

Cornerback Marshon Lattimore

On Marcus Williams' fourth quarter interception sparking the defense today:
"It was huge. That is what we needed. We've got to get turnovers. Our offense is rolling (in the fourth quarter), but our defense has to step it up. They put 40 points on Tampa Bay, but we couldn't stop them. It was a little bit of the reverse this week."

On giving up the big play at the end of the game and how it has to get cleaned up:
"It is what it is. We have to get that cleaned up. We got the win.".

Wide receiver Michael Thomas

On having most receptions through two games in NFL history:
"I knew about it. Sometimes it's hard to miss when you get reminders of it. I feel like we won today and that's the biggest thing. I was able to contribute."

On being consistent with Drew Brees:
"We work the game preparation through the week. We get great coaching. Our start (is in) watching the guys in
the room in being really detailed and knowing my assignment."

On the turnovers:
"It's unacceptable. It's on us. It's not on anybody else. It's on us."

On coming back from the turnover:
"You just have to respond. I feel like I was being tested a little early trying to extend a play. You just want to make a play for your team, but you have to be smarter."

On an ugly win:
"A win is a win. You can't undervalue winning. At the end of the day, it is hard to win in this league. They played a really good team last week that they tied. It was a battle and we won. We will correct our mistakes and get better."

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