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Quotes from Saints players following the week 15 game against the Carolina Panthers

New Orleans Saints players recap their week 15 game against the Carolina Panthers on Monday, Dec. 17

Cornerback Eli Apple

RE: Saints defense this season

We're just playing hard, playing for each other. Playing great assignment football, and of course our coaches are putting us in great positions to make plays so we've got to keep it going. 

RE: What happened on your pick?

I knew they were going to take a shot. Funchess just ran a fade. I just tried to get my head around, make a play on the ball.  

RE: His contributions on defense

Playing great, assignment football, playing disciplined and coaches putting us in good position.  

RE: The significance of tonight's win

Oh, of course it' huge. But, you know, we still have a lot more wins that we want to get.

Quarterback Taysom Hill

RE: What's slowed down on offense?

It's hard to say. I don't want to point fingers. I think at the end of the day we need to take a step back and find ways we can be better. You've got to give Carolina's defense some credit. They certainly played well, had a good game plan for us. Without looking at the film, I feel like penalties really hurt us tonight. Every time we get something going it seems like we were taking a step back. We need to be better. We need to play cleaner football for sure.  

RE: Improving on offense I think at the end of the day

Coach Payton is going to have a plan. Drew is one of the best to ever play the game. I'll never doubt what they're going to do, what they're going to come up with. I think there's also – the NFL offensively, we've kind of evolved in the amount of motions and stuff that we're doing. I feel like defenses are starting to now have a plan for all those things.

Running Back Mark Ingram II

RE: Slow Starts

We have to improve. Early in the game we have big plays and they come back because of penalties. We will be in their territory, but instead of being on their side of the field, we are backed up behind the chains. We get penalties and negative plays are things that you can't have. It stalls the offense and prevents us from gaining momentum. I think we can get those things figured out and cleaned up.

RE: Thoughts on New Orleans' defense

You look at the last three or four weeks and the defense has been balling. They have kept us in good situations, giving the offense some time to get into a flow. They have been balling, not allowing the other offenses to score a lot of points and getting turnovers. They have been keeping us in it. Once we get this thing clicking, with them balling and us balling – we will be alright.

Defensive End Cam Jordan

RE: Controlling destiny in securing the top spot in the NFC

We still have two weeks left. We have a mission to accomplish our goals. I am going to enjoy the next 24 hours and then focus on what we have coming up. We have Big Ben and Antonio Brown next.

RE: Tonight's game

We knew what we had to do tonight. We had to shut down Cam (Newton) and not let him extend plays. We had to get after Christian McCaffrey. I don't know how many yards he finished with but I know he started off strong with a 12-yard run. We really had to tighten down from there. We talk about getting after it for all four quarters and we did a great job of that.

Running Back Alvin Kamara

RE: The reason behind New Orleans' slow starts

I don't know. We have to get it figured out. We have been starting slow and we take the responsibility. We have to make plays and do what we have to, to get the offense rolling. Someone has to step up and light the spark.

RE: Drew Brees' mindset and performance

He is fine, Drew is fine. Drew never gets flustered or irritated, he is on to the next play. Like I always say, he is a true professional. He is always composed.

RE: Feeling in the locker room We got another win.

That is the goal every week and that is what we just did. Now we are off to the next one. We will enjoy this for 15 hours and keep it moving. A win is a win.

Cornerback P.J. Williams

RE: On how he felt playing against division rivals

I don't know man; I guess we just feel confident playing against them. We beat them a few times, I feel like we know we should win games like that. Just knowing who they've got and knowing what we need to stop is definitely great, man. I feel like we prepared real good and knowing what they've got coming, we made the stops.

RE: On preparing for next week's game against the Steelers

I feel like that's a big test, I was just telling Sean that we've got a big test next week. We're definitely looking to make sure we come to play so that's a big test for me. I'm looking to have one of my best games in that game so I can't wait for that one.

RE: On the turnaround his unit has experienced so far this season

I feel like it's all the little things, we've been working on all the little things, all the little mistakes that we've had early on in the season and mid-season. Just working on those things and making sure we get sharp. I feel like we're starting to peak at the right time and we're starting to do everything how the coaches wanted us to do it.

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