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Quotes from Saints players following the Week 11 game against the Philadelphia Eagles

New Orleans Saints players recap their Week 11 game against the Philadelphia Eagles

Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas

On the teams' offense performance:
"We just came out here and we did our job. We executed as a unit, we have been coached throughout the week real hard in preparation with real detail. I feel like we did our job and handled are business to help our team."

On taking pride after a big win:
"I mean, they were just in the way. They were the next team up and we just had to do what we had to do. Regardless of who it is, we just had to come out there and play Saints football."

On the team's confidence level:
"We just have to correct our mistakes as fast as possible. We have a short turnaround and we have to get better and move on to the next one."

On Tre'Quan Smith's performance:
"I am real proud of him, he came out there and stepped up and made some crucial catches. He did his job and he helped this offense. I am excited to see a young player come out there and be able to respond and be that guy. You know, just have fun and play the game we love. I am just proud to see him and watch his next steps."

On his three straight 1,000 yard receiving seasons:
"I mean, it was going to happen eventually right."

On the advantage of playing at home for a short week:
"We will find out going into Thursday, but wherever we are playing we are not really worried about homefield advantage."

Saints running back Alvin Kamara

On the short week coming up:
"It is tough, it is cool. We are going to handle our business and get back (to work). Like you said, it is a short week, but we are professionals."

On his touchdown reception on fourth down:
"It was a good call and a good ball by Drew (Brees). We have to match up. Malcolm Jenkins was on me the whole game, but he didn't get to that one."

On more players contributing to the offense:
"I mean, that is what we talk about. Mark (Ingram) and I were talking about it on the sideline. When you got guys all around that are making plays, it is hard to stop us. Our offense is already explosive, but when guys you don't expect to make plays make plays it is fun."

Saints running back Mark Ingram

On the teams' offensive performance:
"I think this is the best offense I've ever been a part of, by far. Everything we can do is different, we can use different personnel, give different people the ball. I think that this is definitely the best offense I have been a part of."

On teams not wanting to give the ball back to the Saints offense and going for it on fourth down like Philadelphia today:
"The defense did a great job, they do a great job standing the ball up on third and fourth down. We just keep getting better and better each week. We're just putting together complete games, offensively, defensively and on special teams. That is the main goal, be healthy and get our next game plan down and move on to the next one."

On there still being a lot of time left in the regular season:
"We haven't accomplished none of what we want to accomplish yet. We are in a good position, but we haven't accomplished anything that we want to yet. We are focused on us and getting better."

On avoiding any letdowns:
"Everyone wants to create this narrative that this is a trap game or a letdown, but we are not worried about that. We are trying to dissect this game, see what we have to get better at and get ready for next week. We're trying to ascend every week, we're trying to get better every week and that's the goal man. Just because we won nine straight does not mean we are guaranteed to win the Super Bowl, guaranteed to win a playoff game, (or) guaranteed to win the next game. It doesn't matter. This league is tough and you have to be ready to score every week and that is something I think we have been doing a good job of."

Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan

On not overlooking any of the Saints opponents:
"You have to, this is the NFL. Every team has their star player, every team has their star core. That was a strong wide receiver core we just played. I mean Alshon Jeffery and they brought in Golden Tate. You talk about Zach Ertz, who is one of the better tight ends that you are going to face. Their offensive line, they have Lane Johnson, who is a proven veteran. We had to get after them. I think we got after Carson Wentz early on, we got after him often and that is what we had the gameplan to do."

On the Saints success, this season:
"I mean, we have a gameplan and we've been executing it well. I still do not like the fact that they put seven points on the board through a 28-yard run. That's something we have to battle the whole game after that. There are things we can still get better from, there are still things that we can take away to get better on from a run perspective. I think they busted at least two or three runs for more than eight yards and that's saying a lot when they only ran it 12 times. I am not sure how many times, but at some point, they had to start chucking Hail Mary's. That's something we have to focus on."

On staying level-headed this success:
"We got up on them early, there is no room to be cocky. When you get up on somebody early, they have to take those shots and we made plays to our advantage. How many turnovers did we have today, four? Three? A lot. When they need to take those shots, there are opportunities that are created for you. It's up to us to focus on what's next. We have Julio Jones coming in the building, Calvin Ridley, Mohamed Sanu and Matt Ryan. When you talk about what Atlanta brings to the table and what they are capable of doing, this is something we cannot be cocky about, something we cannot be competent about. This is a team that knows us like we know them and we have to go get it."

Saints defensive end Alex Okafor

On his thoughts on the teams' defense:
"It is just starting to come together. A lot of it we have to give to our offense obviously, because they make teams attack us differently, but we just take it upon ourselves to just be as stout as possible and it is finally starting to show.

On how important turnovers have been for this defense recently:
"We just put an emphasis on it every day at practice. We weren't getting them early, but that didn't slow us down at all in practice. We kept working the drills, kept putting an emphasis on it every week and now they come in bunches and it is starting to show."

On the defense putting pressure on opposing offenses:
"It works on all levels. (If) You get pressure, the quarterback will throw picks. (If) You cover, the quarterback gets sacked. It is just a nice balance that we have right now."

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