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Quotes from Saints players following the NFC Championship game 

New Orleans Saints players recap their NFC Championship game against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, Jan. 20

WR Ted Ginn Jr.

On how the game ended:
"It didn't end how we liked it. I felt like we were the better team, but we came up short. Words can't explain how we feel right now. The guys and I in the locker room will go back to the drawing board."

On the controversy surrounding the third-and-ten play in New Orleans' final full drive in regulation:
"It's not going to change what happened right now. They should have come down and overturned it like they do everything else. It is what it is. We have to take this one on the chin."

On his big fourth quarter catch on second-and-12:
"It was a big-time moment and I was trying to make a play for my team. Drew (Brees) threw it up and put trust in me and I came down with it."

RB Mark Ingram

On how he is feeling right now:
"I can't say any words."

On the team's feeling going into overtime:
"Go win it. Go win the game"

On being one game from the Super Bowl:
"We deserved it, but we didn't finish it."

WR Tommylee Lewis

On the third-and-ten play on New Orleans' final full drive:
"I saw the defender coming. He got up under me. I got up looking for a flag and didn't see one. It was a bad call."

On if he thought he would see a flag:
"There was no question in my mind. I got up and popped up and looking for a little yellow flag on the flag. I didn't see one."

On how long it will take to get over it:
"I'm not sure. I don't know."

On what the intention was with the play:
"It was a wheel route with me out of the backfield. I was trying to outflank the defense."

DE Cameron Jordan

On losing the game in that fashion:
"Without going into bashing the referee because I don't know what he saw, maybe he doesn't know what he saw. Maybe the lights were too bright for him to see. You have to put it on the defense. We had a chance to get out there and we had an opportunity to get them out of field goal range in overtime."

On the yardage they felt they could give up in overtime based on Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein field goal range:
"We knew that we were defending the 42. They have a good field goal kicker. At the end of the day, they ended up winning."

On how hard it is to accept this defeat:
"We had control for all 60 minutes and we ended up losing in the final overtime. Words can't describe it. We were defeated at the end of the day, so we don't have the right to complain about the what ifs, the couldas, the shouldas. At the end of the day, we needed to take the field and create a big turnover."

On the loss being out of our control:
"Was it out of our control? We let them get close to us. We ended up having a 13-point lead at one point in time. You can't ever let your foot off the gas. To their credit, they fought the entire game and ended up winning."

LB Demario Davis

On the third-and-ten play on New Orleans' final full drive:
"It was pass interference, but we didn't get the call."

On why they were the better team today:
"They won. We lost. They were the better team today."

On not stopping Jared Goff at the end of the game and in regulation:
"You have to give him credit. He made the plays."

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