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Quotes from Saints players following preseason game 4 against the Los Angeles Rams

New Orleans Saints players recap their final preseason game against the Los Angeles Rams

Linebacker Nate Stupar

On his performance:
"It was a fun game. It was a rough start with my offsides (penalty) and stuff on the punt return. I knew I needed to make up for it. Our defensive line was doing really well by putting on some pressure and opening up the gaps for us. Things worked out and I made the plays when they came to me."

On if things slowed down for him tonight:
"Going into year seven, things start to slow down. I felt great tonight. It was good energy. Credit Craig Robertson. He made a lot of amazing plays today that boosted our morale."

On the importance of tonight's performance after the ACL:
"It was a long journey. It was fun going out there and showing that I am still myself. I was running around and having fun and celebrating. It was a fun night."

Wide Receiver Cameron Meredith

On playing tonight:
"It was amazing to go out there and get the first catch and touchdown. I couldn't have asked for a better day."

On the long reception:
"It was a well-executed play. The quarterback put it in a perfect spot. All I had to do was run underneath it and get it. I had him on a little slant and go and he bit on it extra hard."

On the touchdown:
"Another big play and another good throw. All these opportunities and plays that I was able to make tonight really helps me going into next week."

Quarterback Taysom Hill

On his thoughts on this preseason:
"I think overall I was happy with the way that I played personally throughout the preseason. Being able to build some comradery with my teammates and being on the field and executing the way we did at points in the preseason was a good thing for all of us."

On how he feels since joining the Saints at the start of last regular season:
"I've had an entire year to work under Drew (Brees). Just being with him, seeing the way he prepares for a game, the way that he handles himself throughout a game situation, when things are going well, when things maybe are not going too well, the way that he manages a game and the way we look to him as a leader, I feel like has meant so much to me and there are things I try to incorporate into my game. So, I think overall just being a better quarterback, a better leader and all that I have just been through observing Drew doing what Drew does and has been doing for the last 18 years."

On his thoughts on Cameron Meredith tonight:
"I have spent a lot of time with Cam (Meredith) through OTA's and through training camp as he would be one day on, and off the next. On those off days, he would come out and I would stay behind, I would throw to him and I kind of saw him progress. It is so much fun being out on the field with him and being able to see him making good time plays in a game like that, I think it was really good for him and it was fun to be a part of."

Running Back Boston Scott

On how he played tonight against the Los Angeles Rams:
"I think I played okay. There are things I can continue to clean up fundamentally and that I need to continue to work on. Overall, I was pleased with the ability to break some tackles. Overall, I still need to work on the fundamentals, a little bit of everything, just recognizing my keys and during the game staying on track before pre-snap, before I get the ball in my hands and just making sure that I am fundamentally sound."

On what Mark Ingram has shared with the running back group:
"Mark (Ingram) is a great guy, he is a hard worker and has just been encouraging us. He is there to help me with my reads and encouraging us, he is a great team player. I cannot say enough about him, he has been there to help and he has been available. It is an honor to be on a team with these guys that just take you in and they encourage you, it is a family atmosphere. So, he has been doing a great job of being there to encourage and to help and push."

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