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Quotes from Michael Thomas' training camp media availability - Friday, August 10

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas spoke to the media following practice on Friday, August 10

New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Michael Thomas - 2018 Training Camp Presented by Verizon - Friday, August 10, 2018

Your impressions of how last night went?
"It felt good to be back out there with the guys to go against another team and compete. Couple of young guys got their first taste of the NFL, I know that was big for them. To be going against another opponent instead of going against our guys was fun."

Your impressions of what Taysom Hill has done so far, talk about him as a quarterback which you like at this point?
"He is great at the decisions he makes which the quarterback has to be, a great decision maker. I feel he approaches the game really well, he watches drills and is a great example, he listens and he goes hard in practice so when it comes to the game it's a little easier for him."

[Henry] Mondeaux was talking about how physical you are. Are there specific drills you do with your hands to keep other guys hands off you, is there some martial arts you take up or anything to that degree?
"No just the progress reps and the drill work with coach CJ [Curtis Johnson]. Repetition, repetition and getting down timing with the drill. It just adds up."

What does CJ do because I can't imagine slapping his hands around like that…
"He has a bunch. He has drills for everything, if you need help with anything up to conditioning he has a drill for it."

I can remember last season you had mentioned something along lines you wanted to eventually help Drew Brees get a Super Bowl. Now we've got a training camp nearing its end. How much do you get a sense not just from you but also your teammates that's something you guys want to do because he's not getting any younger?
"Yeah, it is something that he deserves with the career that he has had, as an example of what he means to this organization and what a championship means to this organization. It's something we want to take ownership of and help send him out the right way."

What did you think of Tre 'Quan's [Smith] performance last night, that one catch in particular?
"I was really impressed. When we needed a play, he stepped up and made a big play for us. [inaudible] when we were down, I don't know if he realized it or not he kind of switched the momentum and got things going."

What has impressed you about him anyway?
"He's just a grinder and competes. He comes out here every day and doesn't complain, doesn't really talk a lot he just gets the job done. He touches the ball and has real sneaky speed, if he wants to turn it on he can turn it on. Future's real bright for him."

What does he still need to work on to be able to make a first-year impact?
"Just fine tuning and attention to detail, knowing what Drew wants and is expecting, taking coaching from coach CJ. I think he'll be great."

Brees has said every rep is a Superbowl rep for you, how do you stay in that mindset and motivate yourself constantly?
"Every day just here to compete and give my best effort. Try to set the standard for the room and try to be an example for guys, I know the young guys are watching, looking for someone to be an example and I take a lot of pride in that. I just come out here to compete and get better."

Have you always been like that?
"Yeah, I came from a competitive background, I've always had to compete my whole life. Football makes it easier because you're going against an opponent. There's one-on-one match ups and it's a team sport, we're all picking on each other trying to move the ball and put points on the board."

You're a competitive dude, is it hard for you during a preseason game to watch from the sidelines when the teams coming back?
"Yeah for sure, it's definitely hard. You want to be out there, you want to win them all. You want to play Saints football, make everyone count. But the guys that are in there we trust them to get the job done, and it shows it pays off."

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