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Quotes from Larry Warford's training camp media availability - Monday, August 13

New Orleans Saints guard Larry Warford spoke to the media following training camp practice on Monday, August 13

New Orleans Saints Guard Larry Warford - 2018 Training Camp Presented By Verizon - Monday, August 13, 2018

That's not like a Kentucky/ Louisville thing with (Sheldon) Rankins is it?
"No, no. Practicing against (Sheldon) Rankins has absolutely gotten me better. There's been plays where he's woken me up and made me look at myself and think I have to get better. He's been raising his game drastically, and he's been tough to block. I'm excited to see him this year."

Is there anything reminiscent of those practices with (Nick) Fairley and (Ndamukong) Suh?
"He's a lot like Fairley. He's a strong guy, who has some slippery-ness to him. He has a template rush and he kind of throws you off your game. You fall into that trap of letting him set the tempo, but he's just got that kind of rush. It's definitely helping me out." 

What stands out about David (Onyemata)?
"He's a powerful dude and just has that motive. I think for where he comes from, not playing football for too long, he really has a hustle about him and that power. He's not going to give up on a player. It's awesome to watch." 

Does it surprise you how calm he (David Onyemata) is off the field?
"Yeah, he's a very quiet dude. He just sits down and plays his Nintendo switch every day. He doesn't say many words, but when he gets on the field, his actions speak really loud." 

Coach Payton did not seem particularly pleased with practice. Did you guys practice with the crispness that you wanted?
"Today's practice wasn't the best one, definitely to start. It was kind of slow, making a few mental mistakes. You can't have that and expect to start fast in the game if you cannot do it in practice right now. What was impressive is that the guys take it upon themselves to get the team going. I think we finished pretty well so that is a plus. We have to start fast. We have to start fast every practice." 

When you went live goal line, what did you see on film? It seemed like the offense was struggling trying to run the ball.
"There are a bunch of different factors. We do not really gain playing for our defense. There are looks that aren't favorable for us at times. It was our first goal line and first time running those plays, so we'll get more practice at it and I think we'll be completely fine."

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