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Quotes from Drew Brees following the Week 9 game against the Los Angeles Rams

Drew Brees spoke to the media following the Week 9 game on Sunday, Nov. 4

On the connection between Drew (Brees) and Michael (Thomas) throughout the game along with Thomas' abilities:
"Some of those were tight windows. Credit to him for getting open, getting that separation, body control. Just all of those things that he does to give me a place to throw the ball to him. He makes a ton of contested throws and he did that today. Some big, big third down catches. Obviously none bigger than the one at the end of the game. Just a big time player who's always ready to make big time plays."

On if there is somewhat of a "lulling to sleep" factor to Michael Thomas' game due to him not really being considered a deep threat by some:
"Yes there is. He can do everything. I think, a lot of times, I think corners may get a little frustrated with him. with just as physical as he is with a lot of the intermediate stuff. So when they start playing underneath him, that's when we have opportunities to push the ball down the field to him which is what happened there at the end of the game."

On Drew's pre-snap reads of bracket coverage on Kamara during the game:
"They're standing next to each other. So as you're looking at it, you feel like they're dropping and will double somebody. You just don't know which one it is. Sometimes they can do three on two and different stuff like that. But, the minute the ball was snapped it felt like. Okay, Kamara is doubled, then Mike was single. Mike's prominent, here we go."

On the matchup between Michael Thomas and Marcus Peters:
"Well listen, he's (Marcus Peters) a top flight corner. He's an elite corner. Just depending on the team and that kind of thing, they go in to every game saying, alright what are our matchups? where are our matchup problems? A lot of times you see it on film with Marcus Peters where they say, alright you just take their best guy, you take care of him, and we'll worry about the rest of them. That's basically what happened on that play was, everybody's trying to match and you kinda say alright Peters, you got Mike T."

On the offense in the second half, if the success was based on whether it was due to the Rams adjustments to them:
"They get the ball first. They go down and score. We come back. We go six plays, we convert a third down and then they drive down and score. Then we go six plays again, get a couple first downs, then we get stopped. It's just not like three and out, three and out. We were driving the ball a little bit. You've just got to be so efficient against a team like that. Especially the back and forth, is occurring. On the other side of the ball, that is as explosive an offense as there is with the Rams. We knew it was going to be an all-day battle. We knew that, even with the score at 35-14, there was still a ton of football left to be played. They're a high scoring offense. We still need to go and score some points."

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